Yes Its A Pet Insurance Company Giving Back Funds Too Help Shelters & More

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Pet Insurance Giving Back.You Can Help With A Vote

All of us as Cat Loves do what we can for our pets,and also pets in need,like the stray who comes in and you give tidbits too.I give to my local shelter by buying tickets,then others volunteer,we all give to these animals if we can.

But it is never enough for them really sometimes,so this company decided to pay it back Here is what they are doing!

Trupanion, a pet insurance company, helped cats and other animals in need by donating $209,885 to nonprofit animal welfare organizations and shelters through its TruGiving program.Yes,this is good news.
Nearly $105,000 of that amount was raised through the Shelter Support Program. This program, which gives shelters donations for food and toys and whatever else they may need, has grown substantially since its inception in 2013.enhanced-buzz-24456-1414695482-16

This gives shelters the opportunity to help more cats and dogs find forever homes.

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