Worlds Oldest Cat! Check This Sweet Cat Out.Wow

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[3pics] This amazing Cat has now been entered into The Guinness Book Of Records as our Oldest Loved Cat.

Meet Tiffany Two,she has been around a lot longer than the both of us when it converts to our years from Cat years!

She has been given Her new record holder for oldest living cat. Meet Tiffany Two, a 26 year old tortie, who was born on March 13, 1988 in San Diego, California. In about a month, Tiffany will be celebrating her 27th birthday the equivalent of 125 human years.

Tiffany Two met her human, Sharon Voorhees, when she was six weeks old. This lovely tortie girl outgrew two family dogs by some distance.

She got her name as a tribute to another tortie cat that Sharon had in the 1970s.

Despite her age, Tiffany Two is in good health with good sight and hearing. According to Sharon, the kitty is “not feeble and still able to go up and down stairs.”

She eats a varied diet with both wet food and dry food. “She’s not afraid of anything or anyone. She walks right past the dogs, she’s very feisty!” Meet Tiffany the ripe old age of 126 years,go Tiff Two…Tiffany Two the Tortie Holds the Guinness Record for Oldest Living Cat2

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25 Comments to Worlds Oldest Cat! Check This Sweet Cat Out.Wow

  1. Our family also had a tortie that lived to be 18yrs she would not give up, we had to put her to sleep though cause she was developing tumors all over…We miss you TiggerAnn….

  2. I have one that disappeared when his owner was moving and two weeks later, he came knocking on our door. He has been with us ever since. He is now 20 years old

  3. I thought we were lucky to have to different cats live to 18 years. One was Simon, our Siamese cat and Missy, who was 17 years old. They were both inside cats and I think that may be a significant factor to a longer survival. Anybody know if that might be true ???

    • Thats a good life for your cats Arlene,lucky to have them so long,always still gives me a lump in my throat if i think of them too much,but we were lucky:)

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