Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much? What Is The Go With That

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I think we know about boxes,but no,seems I did not!There is more to it than a play thing,we try to see into the why and what of the Cats we love,some studies are right,and I think this one is too…we say oh yes,but it is a bit more than we think really,a couple of well done science report on our Cats and it does make sense…

Cat In A Box

Take heart feline enthusiasts. Your cat’s continued indifference toward her new Deluxe Scratch DJ Deck may be disappointing, but there is an object that’s pretty much guaranteed to pique her interest. That object, as the Internet knows is a box . Any box, really. Big boxes, small boxes, irregularly shaped Boxes,it doesn’t matter. Place one on the ground, a chair, or a bookshelf and watch as the descend into it.

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