~Video Of The Week Is Up ~Teeny Abandoned Kitty Finds Hope~

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~Video Of The Week Is Up ~Teeny Abandoned Kitty Finds Hope & Love

Thank you for saving this little kittens life last week….may she bring you years of joy in return!

I also hope you may get a little bit of help for her medicines to get her back to tip top health.Info on the detail for this is on their Youtube page if anyone would like to help a little bit for Mira!  This is how it happened….

I found this kitten in the middle of the road when we were coming back from our bike ride today. We thought she was dead until she lifted her head towards us. I muted the beginning of the video because we were crying a lot. We thought we were about to watch her slowly die in pain. We sat with her for 10 minutes until we decided to move her to the side of the road. We waited but she only seemed to feel better (: so we took her home and cleaned her up.


These kind people saved her life.There is a update on their Youtube of a couple of days ago,showing Mira today and how she is going after a couple of weeks of love and help,worth a visit for sure.  She should have this name Mira the little “Miracle”

Keep the faith in kind people!

Keep Smiling too!

Loved Cats

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  1. You maybe right,or maybe I got one of them photographic memory things.Lol.I am ok,hope you are,as you see it gets more busy here now,but I love it and love everyone who comes,such positive people here,love that! Take care till I see your name again malika

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