Too Scared To Show Her Face.This Cat Just Shutdown

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Too Scared To Show Her Face.This Cat Just Shutdown

This scared cat doesn’t know they are trying to give human kindness,that makes me feel so sad,so sad for her.

This photo posted by the shelter, the scared cat tries her best to hide from everyone. Putting her little body into a ball, to scared to look up,she shut down this catjpg

she buries her head into a volunteer’s arm and tries to make herself invisible.

But for once she is not going to be treated as Invisible

Please go to her next step

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  1. He’s so handsome. I’m so glad there’s pple in the world who still have enough kindness in their heart to care for these little guys . I cry every time I read a rescue story . God bless you for helping those who can’t help themselves

  2. That little kid is a little miracle
    Backpack some kids don’t even pay attention to something like that so thankful he took him in and love and prayers for a forever home

  3. I adopted my Desmond a little over seven years ago. He was in pretty tough shape. With love and a stable home, he’s really blossomed. He’s my rock.

  4. In the name of Jesus, may God give this baby a forever loving home with lots of love, safety, food, good health and a piece of mind knowing they are loved. May the worst that karma has to offer be bestowed upon the one that abandoned and hurt this baby. Please someone help. Please. Signed.

  5. Oh, poor baby. He is very handsome and you should have no trouble finding him a forever home. Thanks to that young man for doing the right thing. A lot of kids think that a stray animal is there for their cruel enjoyment. My mom brought home an orange kitten when I was young, which she found in the middle of a circle of adolescent punks. They were throwing rocks at him. Thank the Lord they had bad aim…he was just very scared and hungry. We gave him a safe, loving home for his entire life. Not one kid would be different, and go against the crowd to help this innocent kitten. I know that they all couldn’t have been bad kids, but we’re afraid that they wouldn’t be cool. All I can say, is they are lucky that I’m not the one that came across the scene, because there would have been some serious butt kicking, and parent phone calls made. God bless you baby.

  6. My cat Melvin was the same thing way! But the minute he got home he was quite the lover. I hope people see past the shyness and realize they really don’t come out of their shells until they feel home.

  7. I just rescued a tabby who did this when I first brought her in my home. It was the saddest thing to see. That was 2 months ago and shes made a wonderful turn around. She still ducks and closes her eyes when you go to pet her,and thats because I think she may have been swatted before. Shes now learning what real love is….. 🙂

  8. I rescued a Siamese from an abusive home..she hid for weeks, buried her head whenever I tried to hold her. She still is afraid of being picked up, or held long,but purrs and head bumps whenever I am near her. It’s been six years..some of them just can’t forget the fear.

  9. ociety in 1993, and she was not my first choice, but the first kitty I had selected, I was allergic to her. After holding her for just a few minutes, evey place her fur touched my skin, I turned bright red. And the humane people could not tell me if she had been treated with something that might be the problem. So I had to put her back, and I went back to searching the cages. I saw this beautiful ginger that I had bypassed because she had not been fixed yet. And I took her out of her cage and she snuggled in my arms with her head buried in my armpit. She was terrified! So she went home with me and she was still terrified, and would stay that way for about 6 weeks. The worst time for her was if there were tall men around, someone had obviously hurt her badly. My teenaged nephew would come and stay over sleeping on the living room floor. Poor kid- he loved kitties, but she could not trust that she was safe with him, Chloe was so frightened I would have to carry her down the stairs to her food and litter box. That triggered the placement of another box on the upper level. I had the joy of her company for 20 years. She flew to California, drove to NC and then to Maryland. She died in Maryland and is buried in my beloved sister’s back yard. SHE WAS THE BEST KITTY EVER!!!!

  10. It’s so sad to see animals been mistreated. I swear if I ever see someone mistreating an animal I will mutate into something that no one wants to come across – and I hope there will nothing be near me that could be used as a weapon. I am a peaceful guy but I have limits.

  11. Poor baby that is so sad. She is so beautiful, God please find her a loving furever home wh r e she will get the love attention and security she needs and deserves. Thank you to all who have helped backpack particularly that young boy, what a wonderful young man his parents are raising an awesome little man.

  12. My heart just breaks for this sweet baby, I hope she gets a furever home very very soon and they give her the love and care and attention she deserves, lots of hugs and cuddles for you backpack your beautiful!

  13. In the name of Jesus, may God give this baby a forever loving home with lots of good food, love, warmth, safety, a calm heart and comfort. May the one that hurt this baby in any way, suffer a horrible fate now.

  14. these poor animals I have an orange guy who was adopted as a kitten returned at age 3 he was an orange terrified ball of fluff. I took him home to foster and ending up keeping him because he was so traumitized he was not adoptable. He is 8 now and still fearful but he ahs a good life

  15. This makes me teary. We also have an orange tabby that really looks like her, my heart breaks. Thank God for wonderful people who helped him feel normal again and most of all loved. <3 I love you BackPack.

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