Tiny Kitty Rescued Off Road Turned Into This Fluffball Of Beauty!

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Tiny Kitty Rescued Off Road Turned Into This Fluffball Of Beauty!

This story of this rescue is almost like the story of the ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan!

As this tiny little kitty was found from the roadside by kind people who stopped and took him home before he would have died soon otherwise!

They took him home and gave him food and water,followed by a lot of love and it was not long before this kitty to show how he is becoming a beautiful cat,when you see these pictures you will understand the reason I dropped the name of that Old Story about the Swan!

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  1. That’s the condition my kitty was in when she was found. Didn’t know if she would even live. Two years later she’s beautiful and I’m still trying to find a good home for her. I just can’t seem to find anyone I trust her with more than me. Lol

  2. my lucky looks just like her we saved her from the freezen cold weathere this winter n i took her inn shes a very beatiful cat the reason i named her lucky is she has a loving home n is very spoiled rotten

  3. In the name of Jesus, may God give this baby a forever loving, warm, safe, calm forever home with lots of food, love, warmth, safety and good health. May the ones that allow or commit any harm towards these animals, suffer a horrible karma. May they too suffer the same harm commited upon any animal.

  4. My Peewee looked just like that when I found him in a trash bag someone threw him and his brother and 2 sisters out like trash ! Now you at him now I also kept the other 3 also all doing fine and love them dearly

  5. Thank you for saving the tiny life, and loving him until he turned into the most gorgeous cat I have seen in a long time, thanks to your care and love. Poor baby had a hard start, but thanks to the kindness of strangers, he has his forever home & love. <3

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