This Is Kevin.Plus 4 More Funny Cute&Odd Pics

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I seen this picture of Kevin the Reading Cat and the other 3 pic here ,just could not NOT share him to yous.LOL

He is such a funny character,and they got the angle of the shot perfect,perfect to make him hilarious!

Yep Kevin made this cut for first today…Oh go back to your book Kevin,sorry to disturb you! We will move on …Meet Kevin

We all know how much space bunk beds can save..this girl is doing just with the cats new bunk beds,pretty cool I reckon,mine wouldn’t go for it I reckon,maybe they are taped in to get the pic,oh god,why did I think that,see I am weird! sorry for my weirdness outbursts :))

cat bunk beds please next for the rest funnies

Loved Cats

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