This Cat’s Neck Was Broken By His Evil Owner & He Lived-See His Story

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This Cat’s Neck Was Broken By His Evil Owner & He Lived-See His Story

[Sensitive story 5pics]This Is Emerson.His Evil monster owner broke his,she says he was to noisy..please see his story,as he did live,miracle really,here he is.We Have 5 Pics to show you..He is a Warrior Cat now♥god love him and strike this evil monster down,Here is Emerson..desktop-14303346201


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146 Comments to This Cat’s Neck Was Broken By His Evil Owner & He Lived-See His Story

  1. I don’t understand how people can think this type of behavior is appropriate. I would, and have, given everything to take care of my babies. Every life is precious. No animal deserves to be treated like this.

  2. My heart aches at the pathetic condition this innocent kitty is in now. That woman must be arrested and prosecuted before she does this to another animal or maybe a child!!! Tell me she was arrested.

  3. Unbelievable !!! Thankyou so much for taking care of hime ! I hope the evil ASTABARD that did this, gets what’s coming to her !!! Name and shame !!! xxxx

  4. you poor baby. that s$#%&!@* bag doesnt desreve your love. I pray you get better sweet baby. God bless you. I wish i could adopt you but you are so far away. Please dont give up. You are a beautiful baby. You are Gods reature. I love you baby. Please keep me informed on your progress. One thing to the monster scub bag, prick, a…hole who did this..YOU DIDNT WIN. HE DID…HAHAHAHAHHA.

  5. Hows about breaking the owners neck with s noose!!!!??? Easy peasy, no pretty orange suit, no 3 meals a day, NO TAX PAYERS MONEY TO HOUSE THIS IDIOT!!!! HANG HER, BREAK HER NECK!!!!! what??? IDIOT

  6. Bless his heart wish I had him instead of the cruel owner ….so glad he got saved by awesome people who care so much I’m crying over the baby bless his heart so glad hesin better hands

  7. Sure hope now that they know her she has been put in jail or better yet under the jail. Oh or maybe someone didn’t like her voice and snapped her neck. We do need a better law to help animals all they ever do is give us love.

  8. I hope the $#%&!@* went to jail at least I think she deserves to go or an eye for an eye this cat deserves JUSTICE all animal abusers will hit hell wide open and they should

  9. The owner admitted it to them? Why didn’t they call the police and report animal abuse? It could have killed the poor thing. Emerson was just being a cat – now he’s paralyzed! I hope the owner gets punished by the law. If not, remember that Karma is a bigger $#%&!@* than you!

  10. If u don’t want the animal, give it away or to the shelter. They have feelings to. My cats are my babies and they know it.Love them like they were my children.

  11. sorry couldnt read all couldnt see through the tears I love cats and they should hang the owner by the feet and beat the hell out of him

  12. Aren’t they going to do anything to owner who hurt this helpless cat this is so cruel and uncalled for owner could have just gave him away or brought him to shelter unharmed

  13. Start a pe$#%&!@*ion to have her charged for animal cruelty, prosecute her and then do the same to her. You are beautiful and you didn’t deserve this. Keep fighting baby. Thank you for rescuing and giving him the forever and loving home he deserves.

  14. This just breaks my heart. That poor baby. Maybe he just wanted some food, love or just some attention. I don’t understand how some people can be pure evil and cruel. Glad he’s with a loving family.

  15. Poor baby. I am sitting here, tears streaming down my face. This boy was either vocalizing his affection for the witch or there was something bothering him. When your children are noisy, you don’t break their necks, ribs and burn their feet to quiet them. You hold them, cuddle and play with them. Feed them when they are hungry. This cat was probably gotten as a kitten, so this poor boy probably looked at that wicked witch as a mother. Please give Warrior some love from me. Prayers are being sent for him that his previous witch will be prosecuted.

    • lovedcats

      I don’t know about that yet Linsay,but he is a tower of strength who peirced straight into my heart and I will never forget Emerson

  16. Give me 5 minutes with this coward and she will never hurt another animal, what’s wrong with people? Look at his sweet face. I have one thing to say to this $#%&!@*; you will have what you deserve.

  17. How can anyone be so cruel. This is why I hate most people especially the one’s that hate animals. Im a big animal lover and it kills me when I hear about stuff like this. That person should serve time in jail. Thank God Emerson is ok and still living. I wish I could bring him home to me. I would give him the love that he deserves.

  18. I’m a cat lover and this makes me so mad for it’s owner to do that to a beautiful kitty. Praying for this kitty to heal and find a forever home.

  19. Emerson is amazing! He is a true testimony for what you can accomplish if you have the will. He wasn’t ready to give up so he fought with all he had in him. He is one tough little guy! Love you Emerson Michael… To the moon & back.!!!!

  20. I am sickened and horrified by this story!! I was in complete shock at wat the pos owner did to this sweet kitty!! I hope and pray this sweet cat got adopted! And i hope and pray the pos owner got thrown in jail !!!

  21. Emerson is God’s Angel and he wasn’t ready for him yet. He Is A Beautiful Warrior and a Miracle. I am very happy that he has a wonderful, loving and forever home.

  22. How could anybody do this?! It just makes me sick. I have 5 cats who “talk” and I love to hear their little voices. A cat talking to you is one of the highest compliments you can get from a cat. How could you betray that?

  23. Has he been adopted? Brought tears to my eyes I cried so hard. I have 2 cats of my own and if anyone tries to hurt them I would kill before they even had a thought of touching them! I hope this evil $#%&!@* gets what she deserves!!!

  24. I think they should do the the same thing to the owner and then put her in jail for this im an animal lover and it pains me that there are people like this out there just hurting animals so pathetic! So happy that the cat is ok

  25. Hearing someone just broke that cats neck makes me want to cry for that poor soul :'( No animal should ever be mistreated, there are no excuses good enough to harm an animal..

  26. This is disgusting and soo sad..Im a animal lover always have been..I have 5 cats could anyone do this..I hope the $#%&!@* who did this gets punished to the fullest extent that the law will allow.. to do something like this is not ok!!!! What she did to this poor kitty should BE DONE TO HER!!! Karma is a $#%&!@* and i hope she gets whats comin to her!!she needs consequences for her actions or else she will do it again to another innocent animal.. 🙁

  27. There shouldn’t have to be a pe$#%&!@*ion, should of been in jail 10 minutes after they dropped the poor kitty off!!!!!!! I can’t believe the poor thing lived through such evil . My heart goes out to that Beautiful kitty. God bless to all that is saving her.

  28. What a heinous cruel person to inflict this in a defenseless animal. Tears flowing. I have 6 and can’t imagine EVER being harsh let alone this to them. They need to be treated the way they treat the poor little animals that do nothing but love you!

  29. I am crying reading this…..GOD BLESS his wonderful owners for taking care of him. I had to give my kitty Sub-Q infusions every other day, and these people are doing it daily…..My gosh, what a commitment…..Such a sad, sad story! His abuser should have HER neck broken and be left to die!

  30. That evil f@$&ing monster. $#%&!@*! A piece of low life $#%&!@*ty excuse of breathing thing. She will pay for it when her f@&$ing neck is broken. I say “when” because karma never fails. She will pay! She should have gone in jail. How did they let her go free? I can’t believe what I’m reading.

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