This So Sick Stray Dog Gets In Their Car So Easy When They Stopped

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This So Sick Stray Dog Gets In Their Car So Easy.She Was Dying Before Their Eyes

This is heart breaking to see. Maybe  they were born of other strays or left out in the streets from a previous owner it is devastating to see the conditions that many have,like this Dog.

This picture is hard to see without emotions coming up,she is a of so many walking the streets as sick as she is to try find a bit of food and shelter.She has very bad skin infections,which are so sunburned they could take a long time to heal.This very sick and in pain dog spent her life wandering the streets, trying to find food and shelter.

Covered in parasites and mange,who would want to stop and touch her?  Well these caring beautiful people did,she was easily coached into their car,since that day a big journey began for this puppy dog..please come and see her on her way with our story of love!

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