See What Caring Does In Just 1 Day For This Stray Kitty|You Will Be Touched Deeply

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When 1 Person Decided To Care About This Stray Kitten For 1 Day

He got some of the special treatment needed for the burrs removal,as well for his fur and some medicine for a cold.He was well,very well for a stray!  Yes he looks so happy in this photo,but did this poor little puss feel the love coming through to him while sitting here,,I think he did the face here showing him still sore but the day goes on little one..♥  please keep reading below here….

1 day for stray

please go to last page for the end of Just 1 day in the life of a stray

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  1. i love this story,, but did she keep this little angel?,,.. i would have snatched up this baby as soon as i seen her,, what a sweet baby…so little and so alone, precious

  2. He is sooooo pretty! Wow what a difference one day made. I found my Ashley after a trailer caught on fire. That’s why I named her Ashley. So scared but I held her all day and she was the love of my life

  3. wow that is so awesome i love the way this one day turned out for this cute little kitty and that wonderful person with the biggest heart in the world to touch that beautiful kitty and letting that kitty know that not everyone is mean and cruel out there.

  4. Exactly how I ended up with my three. I also have 10 outside that were dropped in the alley and I care for by having them fixed shots and built a shelter for. They aren’t hungry and don’t stray away.

  5. she looks very comfy sprawling her amble bum out on the bed Oz we call our backside a bum,and also a Mom we call a mum,and wait theres more..we call kittys cats or kittens,people would notice it sometimes as I forget to say it the other way,all means the same

  6. Yes I have seen this happen at your place. Sometime it takes 24 hours and sometimes a few days but they always get the love and care that each one needs! We need more humans like you.

  7. My daughter found a stray who looked just like this at her door one day. She brought it in and cared deeply for it. When she took it to the vet the vet “off the record” recommended that it be put down because it had mange and a broken pelvis. They were heart broken. But they gave the kitten 3 days of unconditional love…

  8. My former stray Ichigo. Short version: He was in a tree outside my window one night around midnight, crying at the top of his voice. He was starving, had roundworms and had been shot with a pellet gun. I fed him then put him back outside since I hadn’t planned on getting a pet. The next morning I went outside and found some kids hurting him, squeezing him to make him scream. I took him away from them and he’s been mine ever since.

  9. As done by a true kind hearted cat person @[705370654:2048:Rebecca Middleton],how cruel are some kids,where to they learn to be cruel from,at home I beleive most times..he is beautiful <3

  10. These are my sweet little rescues. Poor mama was hungry, and choose to give us her trust. She was 6 months and babies were 2 weeks. Now they are crazy sweet and gorgeous! I’m so glad we found them before anyone could hurt them! I love that so many of you have such wonderful stories!

  11. I heard later from another lady who lives in the apartment complex that he had been the target of abuse from these kids for three days before I found him in the tree. However, I am pretty sure he doesn’t remember being abused now.

  12. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad he got to forget such cruel behavior and learn what true love is. That right there is the face of true happiness. He’s so beautiful! I bet he’s so soft too. My biggest girl had white fur on her tummy and it’s so soft!

  13. Awesome story.I hope he is doing well.I have two tabbies that were dropped off at a store I work at.they were so tiny but now they’re healthy happy love to play.

  14. I just found a kitten in my complex too! He was searching for food as well which I thankfully had on my patio! He’s a vanilla orange Maine $#%&!@*! I named him Cecil after the great lion!

  15. If it was up to me & I had the $$ and time, I would adopt tons of strays. When I have more time, I am going to be a pet foster parent ♥️ Hope the kitten finds a forever home. I just saw 2 baby Siamese kittens this past weekend that I wanted to kidnap!!

  16. I have 5 baby kittens in my home right now that the mama died so we are careing for them as well as all my other cats and we feed ferrals everyday so they never go hungry.

  17. I have strays outside that I take care of.Wish I could bring some in but am very allergic.But I keep the kids around here away from them as well.They think they are a play toy and just have no home training.

  18. I am on month 3 of caring for a tiny feral kitten hiding in a shed, I have arranged to have her neutered and vaccinated with my vet, she is just now letting me touch her, a few more weeks……

  19. I just found a stray this Labor Day weekend. Sweet little guy. Less than 3 pounds. Vet said about 9 weeks old. Poor baby has fleas, ear mites, roundworm, and URI. I’m hoping to find him a home, but if that doesn’t happen, he’ll be a permanent part of my “crew”.

  20. So sweet!!! I’ve volunteered with rescue groups & have rescued & fostered on my own & almost all of my kitties through the years have been rescues. There’s so many I’ve not been able to help & I felt so helpless & bad, but must remember I’ve been able to help some & I’ve loved many even those I do not know. Just care & do what you can & you’re doing more than many. I so love my 3 furkids & they are all that keep me going & all I have! Felines forever!!

  21. One day is all it ever takes! Both the cat and the person only needed that much time to know it was right!! Take a chance on the next little stray cat you see maybe it’s just what you both need.

  22. debbie handy

    What a beautiful baby. I found one in an engine compartment of a back hoe at the truck yard where my husband works, Heard her crying. looks a lot like this little kitty. she weighed 12 oz. bottle fed her, got up at night with her. Even took her to car shows with me when she couldn’t be left alone. now she is a beautiful lady. I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis earlier that week, and she came along just when I needed her, she saved me more than I saved her. I truly believe she is a gift from God. She is two years old now and her name is Hemi. and we are both doing good/

    • Debbie that is a wonderful story of how your Loved Cat came to be,I am happy to hears she has helped you through the rough times you had too,may she live a long and awesome life,same to you as well!

  23. We found a scraggly little black one at my office… Took him to the vet and they suggested putting him down! He is now about 5 years old and crazy as he can be! His name is Einstein!

  24. This is how we got our kitten, Thumper…he was abandoned by her mom in my dad’s backyard. It took a few days for my dad to locate her but finally did. She was hungry, dirty and had some fleas and was only about 3 weeks old at the time. We took her in, got her some kitty formula, gave her a bath and 3 1/2 months later she has more than tripled her size. She’s the sweetest kitty and was welcomed by our other cat (who mothers her) and our 2 dogs.

  25. I found a little white kitten that was in my fire pit smelling wood thinking it was food (hubby put the wood chips from the smoker in there) bless his heart after about a day of trying to get him to let us pick him up he finally did….needless to say when the vet was open 2 days later and of course they say there are 3 things that a kitten can have and he did…and about $400 later after 2 trips to the vet…then having him fixed another $100 or so…he sleeps in the bed with us nightly…and he just hates to be alone…he weighed 1 LB and after 10 days was up to 5lbs! all 4 of our children are strays…we love them for than life…they def run our roost 😀

  26. How can a beautiful little Himaylan kitten be out and about by itself……..people can be so cruel…… happy this has a happy ending…….beautiful blue eyes……………..

  27. I cried so hard reading this. If i could i would adopt them all! I have 3 now.. 1 15 yr old and 2 8 wks.. i could never imagine throwing them out in the cold

  28. Cat lovers unite! Beautiful story thanks fir giving the kittyba great home.. my cat is rescued but he was safe and healthy when i got him…. if i had it my way i would have a million both kitties and puppies.

  29. AAAWWWW Love this wittle kitty !! I would definitely keep it !! God Bless this kitty and the Rescuers who saved him !! 🙂 🙂 <>< <>< Thank You from the bottom of my heart !!! :) :) <>< <><

  30. Also… I work at Home Depot & a mommy had 4 kitties there & we caught them… A customer took 2 & i took the other 2.. They were only about 2 weeks old so i got to teach them all the things a mommy would plus bottle feed them but it was worth it!!! They are almost 3 yrs now & im DEFINATELY their Mommy!!!

  31. Babe is my rescue since I took him from the time he was three days old. Found him in the yard next door, had heard him crying for three days. Raised him and spoiled him, got him fix when he was three months old.

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