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Oh WoW Meow Meow! Get On This Cat People Exclusive Cruise-Too Good!

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This cruise is for people to get together,have lots of similar likes and get onto a cruise which is Luxury and Relaxation,how can we beat that I wonder…Some info for you on this cool cruise

Meow Meow Cruise! This is a cruise for people who love cats. I find every time I go on a cruise I run into some people who loves cats as much as I do and we end up sharing photos and talking about their personalities. So, I created this group cruise to bring us together. Unfortunately the little critters cannot join us but we can send postcards home.                                      meow meow cruise

Carnival Paradise 2016
Departing TAMPA, FL on a April 21, 2016
4-night trip going to Caribbean – Western (Caribbean)
Visiting: Tampa, Cozumel

How Cool Is This,wish I could go,plus,it’s only priced about $450 per person..on a ripper Liner.

I have always wanted to go on a cruise..this would be my first one if I lived in the US…for sure..Meow Meow!!

Keep Smiling!

They have a Facebook Page too join!

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