No One Wanted To Touch This Local Stray,This Man Did

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No One Wanted To Touch This Local Stray,This Man Did

Some reasons for not going near Ugly you could see…

To start with, he had only one eye, and where the others should have been was a gaping hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot has appeared to have been badly broken at one time, and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. cat named sadHis tail has long since been lost, leaving only the smallest stub, which he would constantly jerk and twitch. Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby striped-type, except for the sores covering his head, neck; even his shoulders with thick, yellow scabs.

Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction “Thats one ugly cat!” All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come to their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave.

Ugly always had the same reaction. If you turned the hose on him, he would stand there, getting soaked..

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  1. Get the tissue out this is so sad, I can’t imagine why someone didn’t give him a home. God Bless him always. We had a big orange neutered Tom hobbling up our driveway as we pulled in. Some of our colony of kitties were trying to talk to him, but he’d have nothing to do with them. Both ears are half the size they should be, and he has one eye that’s partly closed the other sewn closed, he walks with a limp, but keeps himself very nice. After three years now we can finally get near him and pet him, he loves this. I’ glade the Lord lead him to my house because all of the colony has accepted him and he has accepted us, I wish I could bring him in but have a female that would cause him a lot of harm.

  2. I just brought in a kitten from our alley gave her a bath for fleas now she’s asleep in a warm basket and has the name Magdalena. Next step 5 of her siblings to rescue. I’m so happy to know there are others that feel for cats the way I do.

  3. Pobrecito hermoso gatito yo lo hubiera llevado ha mi casa donde estuviera ha salvo de toda la basura de gente que lo maltrato pendejos hijos de mierda si no ayudan no estorven .

  4. So sad. I take them in whenever I find a neglected or an abandoned animal. If they are in bad shape, I don’t try to return them to their owner. I can’t stand people who abuse their animals. They can treated by a vet, and loved.. If they are terminal, I at least want to show them love until whenever. What is so wrong with helping a person or animal when they are down and out? A rescue animal are the most grateful and loving. It’s heartbreaking how so many seem invisible to people who could help.

  5. Me too, Lisa. I have a feral cat colony that I feed, TNR, shelter and love. They are a family and they found me but my hubby and I adore them. I can pet almost all of them now. They give more than I feel I give them. They love me and protect me.

  6. One more thing, thank you sir for showing him compassion in his last minutes. I can barely write this through my tears. I cannot believe how cruel people can be. This poor little baby deserved so much better. Unbelievable. Hurts so badly.

  7. What I want to know is why this person didn’t save him earlier? Let’s wait until he is dying and then find your compassion? U r no hero in my eyes. Shame on u.

  8. That was so horrifically sad! The only true Love he had was at the very end & I, like him, so grateful! I too have had ‘Uglies’ in my life & I Loved & cared for them unconditionally! I wish people would just ‘WAKE UP’!

  9. I hoped the cat would have a different when I read the story. I get the message though. One person can make a difference. I have a cat no one wanred due to health issues. I was told I would not have him long. Don’t get involved. He’s 12 now. Sweet. Affectionate..loved. ugly would have had a home with me because he was beautiful.

  10. That should never happen and I can only hope one day they will meet the same fate. Thank god for that man. I am helping feed three colonies of strays so they don’t have to end that way.

  11. such a sad story. i can’t believe nobody tried to catch this kitty sooner, but at least he passed being held and purring. there is nothing like the spirit, soul and consciousness of an animal.

  12. get out the tissues–I read this story to the end. The poor little cat. It breaks my heart. All he wanted was love. So sad. Poor little baby. He deserved better then he got.

  13. Me too Michelle. I would have taken him inside, given him a warm flea bath, and all the love he could handle. This made me cry so bad. Poor precious kitty. <3 How could all those ppl hurt one of God's precious creatures. This always makes me cry to see or hear about such unfairness. All he was looking for, in his complete trust, was love.

  14. Animals don’t ask to not have a home, if they don’t, they go looking for one…….. How good would a person look after so much time on the street? I wonder if these same people would treat a child like that!!!!!!!
    You should never treat an animal unkind……. May the ones who did find themselves in the same (or hopefully worse) situation!!!!!!

  15. Made me cry, whether this story is fact or fiction, it teaches us all a very good lesson. I have rescued cats, but many more I could not help & so many who are thrown away, which I myself have been too often so I can so relate to them as I suffer myself. My 3 feline furkids are the only ones who keep me going -there is nothing better than the pure & unconditional love of a cat (or other pet/animal)! Just have empathy – all lives matter!!

  16. Absolutely sad that not one person prior to this incident had the decency to do something for him. All the poor guy wanted was love. Not it his dying moment did he get it. What an insult to call such a beautiful creature ugly. They made him that way from their careless behavior and took no responsibility. Then to allow your dog to harm him even more was just hateful. God speed on the karma all involved deserve. RIP in peace Beautiful.

  17. So sad. Everyone and everything needs love, shelter, food, comfort and kindness. I would have taken in ugly in heartbeat before it came to this end. All those in that apartment complex should have to live life as he was forced to!! GRRRR!!!!!!!!

  18. this article mad me sad to think nobody could love such a sweet thing.all he wanted was a warm loving home and someone to care for him.i would of loved him no matter what ever animal needs someone to love them no matter what they look like.people are so cruel

  19. Still drying my eyes from reading this. Poor beautiful kitty he just proves how truly ugly,uncaring and judgemental people are. They don’t even try to help but instead push him a away because they are to self absorbed in them selves to show some compassion

  20. i all so love cats i have 5 and take care of a stray cat that comes around every once in a while i named her baby shes getting to now me so she lets me pet her once in a while i fell sorry for her shes so beatiful

  21. So sad. How hard would it have been to at least call a rescue or even animal control if they couldn’t step up and help. It takes so little to help. If these people can’t care about a helpless animal, they are lost.

  22. I cannot stop crying for this poor mistreated kitty. Thank you so much for letting his last few minutes on this earth be filled with compassion and kindness. Poor Ugly is no longer ugly and mistreated since he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He is his beautiful self running and playing like he should have been able to do on this earth. Hopefully he will find you when it is your turn to cross the bridge. RIP Ugly, and I love you even though I don’t know you.

  23. And people don’t get it. God. Put this cat on there way ,to text theme. Angels. Come in all sizes shapes and form. That iz the kind of animals that I love to rescue. .. thanks so much to the person that. Love this cat as he was. You hold this kitty. Until he past. Everything we do good or bad. God is watching us. Is part of the mission we sll have here. Be kind to people and animals …, God Bless

  24. Everytime I see this pic it upsets me.This little one got help but it was a very long time before anyone took it off the streets.If I’d been there it would have been with me from day 1. It’s adorable.

  25. There was a poor female in my area that kept having babies and everybody called her ugly. I was finally able to catch her and her kittens. I of course got them all fixed! She became beautiful after some care and love. All they need is a chance. So sad for so many! Please spay/neuter and maybe one day there won’t be so many suffering because of irresponsible owners! We are suppose to be the intelligent and civilized ones. We should know what care and love can do!

  26. I remember seeing this on here before and it brought tears to my eyes I don’t understand how people are so hateful to such a loving animal this poor cat didn’t deserve the abuse that he got from people who threw rocks at him or whatever I think the ones who did this deserve to have rocks or whatever thrown at them thank goodness for the one man who helped this baby I hope that he survived but if not rip at least u will be treated better

  27. So many people look only at the outward appearance instead of what’s on the inside in the heart. So sad, not only did that sweet kitty lose out but someone who could have cared enough to help him sooner would have had a lot of love in their life. Sure hope many learn from this so it doesn’t continue to happen!

  28. This story makes me angry and all at the same time – how anyone can just put an animal out to fend for themselves makes me sick!!! My guy Tut was very much like Ugly – today he is thriving and healthy – I’m sorry that Ugly’s outcome was not so happy!

  29. Reading this story made me cry so much, I will never understand why people are so cruel to God’s animals…… God bless this beautiful cat and may you rest in peace you are safe now that you are with God, and to the man who have this beautiful cat the love and affection he was longing for God bless you you are truly an angel

  30. How can people be so cruel to such an innocent animal. This story made my stomach turn. I would never treat any animal like that no matter what condition they are in or if they are stray. This story left a terrible taste in my mouth. So very sad. That poor cat deserved the best of homes.

  31. How awful that no one helped this poor kitty !!! I would have taken him in and to the vet immediately to get him the care he needed ! So sad that this poor baby had to go through this, it breaks my heart

  32. Im sick of ppl tossing dogs , cats and every other animal out like they trash someone should throw them the$#%&!@*out of a window and see if they like it don’t do good by your pets the lord will see that you have no gud luck ever and thats mandatory

  33. saddest story i have read, breaks my heart…i would have brought that baby home with me…i feed the feral strays near my home and keep an eye on them, yes i am that cat lady…i can’t help it.

  34. I’m not sure I CAN read the story after reading the comments. There is a special place in hell for animal abusers…RIP sweet baby you work on earth is done your suffering over.

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