Men & Cats|The Crazy Cat Lady|4 Photo's Show We Are Not Alone

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[4pics]OK,so here is one of our Major Talked About Topic on TLC-The CCDude..This well known Photographer decided to take that question of is this only a CCLady thing or not! Questioning The CClady Stereotype!!

Well he found some definite contenders to get this into perspective with these set of lovely photos.Men And Cat(1)

“Men & Cats” photo series – to challenge that stereotype by photographing fellas together with their feline friends!Why do cats primarily with feminine friendship, but Williams (as well as yours truly, the happy male owner of an adorable kitty) insists it’s just not right – “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring”

So these show once and for all our CCD’s are out there everywhere,just like us,it is just they may not show then love so openly,but they should,these photos are unreal,very nice for sure,showing these CCD;s at home with their loved Cats! Please click next for more

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