The Lion Don’t Sleep Tonight.,awhimawa!Amazing Close up Photo’s

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Amazing Up Close Enough To Touch His Nose!

This photo is amazing and so close up we could just lean in and tickle his nose! Not that it might not go down well,rather the space between us and Africa’s Kalahari”!

I mean look at the colors,the perfect lighting it is a awesome Photo,giving the Big Cats a real contender here for Best Big Cats Photo,coz I love it too bits,im sure you all will,how can  Lion lover not love love this brilliant Photo

                            He tried hiding it from curious lions because “they might play with it or carry it off,” he writes. “On this particular evening, I was in my  vehicle just as the sun was setting, the dust in the air creating a special kind of Kalahari light, and a pride of lions arrived. By repeatedly clicking the shutter, I coaxed the ever curious cubs forward.

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