16 Rescued Cats & Their Chance To Live.Before & After Pics

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This Is Reality Of What Some Endure But Do Live Because We Help Them

I am not showing these poor little kittens and Cats to make anyone feel sad,Im showing you what we can do if we want to do it!

Only we can help,they can’t do it themselves,all is not lost,sometimes they make full recovery,and some are such little fighters they won’t give up and surprise us all.

But this starts with 1 thing only,US.If we see this,do something,call help at shelters,they will come,take them in if possible,just remember these little pics started the same way,Thats about it really,you will be amazed at these photos,you won’t even recognized some,which is very cool.These are Little Warriors!

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Loved Cats

85 Comments to 16 Rescued Cats & Their Chance To Live.Before & After Pics

  1. Thank mew so much for this important work. My babies, now ten, and two other litter mates, were found in a box with their mom in a parking lot in 2005. The mom was still a baby herself. A rescue group saved them and these three found me at Petsmart. Then in 2008, I met my now husband, who has become a wonderful cat daddy. They bring so much joy to our lives. I shudder to think what fate they would have met not for that rescue group. I will be retiring sometime in the next couple years. I plan on joining a rescue group and doing what I can to help save some precious babies.

  2. These pictures were very nice.
    But I’m not surprise by some Humans that dump cats outside so they can defend for themselves. Disgusting !!
    If I saw a cat or kitten that. needed help, I wouldn’t think twice. Off to the vet or shelter.
    I’d put up money, shelters need it… (some Humans are Morons,
    I’d do for a shelter like $50 or a $100 but for a person begging because some could get a job)

  3. Thank God for the rescuers of these furbabies! I’ll never comprehend the evil it takes to abuse an innocent animal. Our two we rescued during the fall 2011 flood here in PA. They bring us much happiness.

  4. I have rescued so far 23feral cats living in the sewer. I kept one because her hip was broken and they were going to put her down.she is fine and and I know grateful.please help when you see an animal in distress. And spay spay spay.God bless

  5. There is a special place for ppl that do this to helpless animals and their day will come I hope sooner than later . Thank you for rescuing these sweet babies . All my kitties are rescues I have 4 .

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