Kitten SOS.Dog Saves Kittens From House Fire.WOW

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[] I had a week of saving animals,so I seen this and thought you would love it too!


A neighbours dog tunneled under my home and gave birth to her puppies.As I do like dogs as well!

I didn’t know and the owner didn’t until I heard them whining for help.the mother had abandoned them too ,yes I know,Im pissed right off!!.

So in the end the State Emergency crew had to tunnel under,then they still don’t reach this puppy.

So the only way to save them was to go under my floorboards,which I said yes do it! The owner had left that day for a few days so I had to save them.It took 5 hours to get to the pup,she was a little girl,the lady with the crew named her,so I have a big hole in my house,but the pup lived.

So in the spirit of rescues I have found 3 heros of them I know you will love. Cos we are the rescuers,we are the Cat and other animals People too!

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