Hi Im Monty & Im Oddly Cute & Special,See My Story In 5 Photos

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Hi Im Monty & Im Oddly Cute,See My Story In 5 Photos

Today I found Monty the cat,isn’t he strangely gorgeous.. He does have special needs but people look past them when they meet him,he is gentle and kind.

None the less he is just as cheeky,cute and Brave.He spends more time having vet visits but hes happy he was rescued and is very brave.This is his story and 5 more photos of this amazing little cat with a unique face to kiss!

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195 Comments to Hi Im Monty & Im Oddly Cute & Special,See My Story In 5 Photos

  1. Lorrainedid you click through to see the other photos of Monty,as they are showing him feature wise very well,and yep he is a similar with a rabbit,I knew something but you got it:)

  2. I didn’t see her till today,please can people post in the timeline so we can see pictres and info please,as i missed seeing this honeybunch till now,I hope you can raise treatment costs for her Tara Jean Sawyer,she is so sweet,good luck,let me know how she goes ok,but post up top in the timeline page so I don’t miss it again.fingers crossed for yous <3

  3. Monty my precious your not odd, your unique and wonderfully special. Without unique animals and people it would be a pretty boring world. You’ve got my love handsome

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