Helpful Ways To Calm Problems Of Multiple Cat’s Living Together!

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Helpful Ways To Calm Problems Of Multiple Cat’s Living Together!

This is time to take the power and to step in if any cats are being attacked or bullied,also is they are just a new edition and the others are not thrilled!

Proper policing is as much a matter of avoiding disputes as it is dealing with them when they appear. If we don’t allow a particular cat to hog the food or drive other cats away from prime spots, we won’t have to deal with the other cat’s stress over having their food and nap spots being a source of anxiety, instead of being a source of pleasure.

This will encourage the obnoxious cat to create new behaviors to get what they want. This will reassure the timid cats that they are equally important, and has a nice side benefit of helping them hold their own.

Timid cats truly benefit from their people backing them up. We can’t “leave it up to the cats” because this will create imbalances in the cat’s relationships. Timid ones will be better able to assert themselves if they feel this is what we want them to do. Leaving them alone to fight their own battles will not build their character; it will make them think we want them to be bullied, so they will be more likely to give in.

Reminding the more assertive cats that we want them to get alongbig cat hugs new kitty cute will encourage them not to throw their weight around. They want to please us, after all; our ignoring the bullying will just let them feel bullying is something we don’t mind. And, after all, we do mind.

We don’t need to be bullies ourselves to accomplish our goals. Putting the offending cat into a time out, making them eat alone in a room, or moving them out of a spot we know they’ve nudged another cat out of to get; these are all ways we can make our wishes known without being mean or frightening. Cats will respond to appeals to their better nature, once they know what is expected of them.

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