Heart Broken Tiger(7) Dumped At Kill Shelter As Owner Buys A New Sofa.He Is Sick From This|Read On Story Is Amazing

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Now,this woman who gave him to the shelter done so as she didn’t want a cat on her new couch..forget about the 7 loyal years given to her by this Loved Cat..A summery of what she did to him in doing this…

“You said you got him when he was just three months old, and that he was now seven. You said he was a good cat, well-behaved and affectionate. That he followed you around and kept you company. That he waited at the door for you every night and that he was so happy when you came home from work. You signed the ACC paperwork, which states that a surrendered animal may be euthanized. Then you left him there and walked away, even though he cried.”

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  1. TLC,Please Please,if you are in a hurry and cant click through to see this,please just share it then,as we need this too get moving for little Tiger,thanks my friends

  2. As it says in the little not from Tiger back to her on page 2,I hope it hits her hard when it does as well,there are 4 letter words for her,but Im a lady and don’t say it,but I am allowed to think it

  3. Heartless $#%&!@* I’ve got 7 cats and new sofa and they all take over it even though they’ve all got beds but I’d never in a million years give my fur babies away for a new sofa the best part is when they cuddle with me on my sofa if she was a good owner that’s what she would be doing!!

  4. People really suck. Talk about a throw away society. We do not deserve the love these animals give us. We should have to earn it. I just had to make the hard decision to lay my Tiggers to rest. She had a huge tumor that could no longer be removed. The pain meds that kept her comfortable were no longer working and I had to give her peace and no more pain. How could anyone even think of doing this to a family member. She needs to loose everything and be left on the streets with everyone she knows and loves to just turn their backs on her. Cold hearted deserves cold hearted.

  5. Poor Tigger…I hope he recovers and is able to love again. As for that woman, you are a de$#%&!@*able human being with no heart. I hope your kids dump you in a nursing home and never visit so you see how it feels and your sofa gets destroyed in a fire. People need to.understand animals are an INVESTMENT and a COMMITMENT and have FEELINGS.


  7. I would never dump my cats or give them away for nother” if u dont intend to love them the rest of their lives dont get them ” some people see a little kitten or little puppy and say aww I want him he so cute but when the new wears off or they get older or they do something u dont like your ready to throw them away ” well if you dont intend to love them for life ” dont get them

  8. A piece of furniture or a living bundle of love and devotion. I chose the furry bundle of love AND replaced the couch I hated for one that fit our life style better, Material things mean little when you live in a REAL home with kids, cats and dogs. My family would never be complete without our furry four footed kids.

  9. This cat is beautiful! I have 1 cat and if she wants the couch I have throws on my couch and love seat and she gets the roam of the house day and night , I never put her in a cage she gets the freedom of the house. Love you Tiger, you are a Dollbaby. Shame on your owner. I hope and pray you get a loving home Honey you deserve the best.

  10. Poor baby tears just reading this how can a person just give up their pet I have had my boy 15 years have never left him more than a weekend so awful hope his little heart heals

  11. how can people b so heartless. I suppose when u c what happens to children then animals dont stand a chance. The thing which bugs me is we choose to have animals no one makes us have them.

  12. So sad, I hope he get feeling better, he looks exactly like my loving cat and I named him Tiger too, he’s sweet and loyal too I would never give him away I love him too much, it breaks my heart to read this story about heartless person like that, get better soon tiger

  13. Wow. People need to really think before they get an animal. This makes me furious. I have four cats and two dogs indoors. Yes I have to sweep everyday and clean hair off my furniture. But I would NEVER give them up for any reason. They are a part of our family now. How could someone do this.

  14. I hope the $#%&!@*’s sofa gets ruined. Wow. I have 4 cats and they sometimes leave me messes to clean. They are my feline children and I refuse to give them up. Even if they are sometimes difficult.

  15. I’m definitely sharing! Prayers being sent to Tiger. I hope him overcomes this tragedy and he knows his new dad loves and he has many more people that love love him. He will pull through this terrible heart break. I hope the woman sees this and knows what she has done. Shame on you!

  16. Hard hearted, I hope you sofa get stolen, This made me cry. I would take you in a heart beat. My pets are family if the sofa is a mess so be it, if my pets are happy……………………………!!!!!!!!

  17. Have read this story lady if you thought do much of your furniture why did you get tiger to dtart with I have cats in my house and love them all yeah my furniture is ruined but I don’t care at least my cats know I love them

  18. S$#%&!@*! I hope they’re providing a loving, caring home for for the damned SOFA! Hope it shows them much love in return!!!! Humans discusting me more each & every day! I’m ashamed to be one!

  19. i have a cat & a dog & they lay where they want as it is there home to, that woman shouldn,t have had the cat in the first place as i don,t believe in having an animal that does not have the run of there house she is a heartless woman who does not know that cats have feeling

  20. This story breaks my heart. And the woman that gave him up after all that time because of a new couch needs her $#%&!@* kicked! when we adopt it is supposed to be a forever home. I pray to God she never is able to own another pet. This is very upsetting to me. Some people are complete selfish idiots and they just don’t care. Obviously the loyalty and love that was given to her by this beautiful cat didn’t mean a damn thing to her! All I can do for her is wish that when Karma comes to meet her it something she will live to regret for the rest of her life. I am praying that Tiger will pull through this terrible ordeal. It can happen. I had a cat before that was going through this. He needs to know he is loved and I am sure he does, but the depression can be an issue. Please do whatever it takes to help him come around. God bless all of you that are taking care of him and his new dad. Sharing this post. Praying and sending postive thoughts for Tiger. To Tigers former owner I say this….”screw you and your knew couch! I hope it gets ripped to shreds and Karma comes to apy you a visit and bites you in the $#%&!@* for what you have done! you are heartless and less than a human being.”

  21. POOR BABY !!! my heart aches for him….and to heck with the sofa !!! You should see MINE…and I DON’T CARE !!!! I LOVE MY CAT and I’d NEVER leave her…..

  22. People like that woman make me ill! Anger is an understatement! All this unnecessary sadness and illness do to 1 selfish $#%&!@* person. Over a stupid piece of furniture! I wish I had the chance to see her new couch…..I’d rip it to pieces myself! And her too!

  23. Awe… this is horrible these are my babies.. manic and water.. yes water my son named him… but I could never harm any animal.. human… maybe but not and animal I agree.. people suck

  24. someone out there please rescue this poor scared baby before its too late animals are a lifetime commitment not to be discared if they were nothing how heartless i hope you get discared someday know how it feels so sad he deserves better a lovig home please help him right now hes terrified wondering why did my owner leave me here disgusting this person is a $#%&!@*

  25. Please, new Dad for Tiger, get him a kitty friend. I think that will help a lot to get his spirit back and get him moving. He’s such a beautiful kitty!

  26. i did have to take one of our cats there cuze she was so sick n kept getting sicker the on laying on the chair is sammy she got real sick from eating some cat food that was bad

  27. sad, sad story of a loving kitty that only wanted to be loved & his human is so heartless to have him put down just so she can have a new couch, I hope this beautiful kitty can be saved by someone that will return his love !!!

  28. You are a mean spirited “person” to surrender your cat for a new sofa! Selfish&I hope karma visits you soon! Obviously this beautiful cat loved you but you are nasty witch with a B!

  29. So sad. I’m away from home and my husband had to take one of our cats to the vet today. I’m as worried as I would be for a child! This baby will be loved forever with the right home…

  30. That poor bay. I have a cat and he can lay down wherever. What a heartless woman. We keep our pers forever not to just discard. I sure hope tiger is getting the love he deserves and can learn to trust again. One day this same thing could happen to this woman when she gets old. No ones will want her around. Love u tiger.

  31. You know that letter from Tim is wrong. His would have been forgiving and loyal as he was. Forced to see the precious cats grieving……the letter could have come from me.

  32. My heart goes out to sweet little Tiger, I am so glad he got a new home. I am praying for him to have a speedy recovery with his new family. I hope his past owner have a million of fleas on her new sofa

  33. Thats exactly how I felt when I seen about Tiger,the anger boils,I wish I lived near her,and I hope Tigers PTS,and depression does not take his will to live,they feel like we do and ppl don’t seem to see that :'(

  34. Hey everybody you all should see my couches they are a mess and I don’t care I through a sheet over them and my friends don’t mind as long as my two girls are happy. They are very nice scratching posts for my girls. My kitty cats rule the house. I just pay the bills. Oh and they let me live there to. I hope that ugly women and her couch live happily ever after.. $#%&!@*
    Praying for you tiger boy <3

  35. Aaaaaaaawe that woman has some karma coming her way,Tiger deserved more than that a lot more,I love cats they are my life long favorite,I also love all animals,but cats have my heart. So Karma is coming for the couch $#%&!@* I hope it was worth poor Tiger’s broken heart and spirit,cuz I Dont believe it was that’s just cold hearted

  36. Sorry to hear about your Loved Cat Tiggers,I have done the same and I hold them,to every last bit of breath and leave me taking a part of my heart,they feel our pain at the time I feel,i think i see it in their eyes,they sort of say a peaceful little knowing but thankful as well.They feel the love that is coming from us im sure of it.I pray this woman has everything and everyone shun her too <3

  37. I let my boys have full run of every piece of furniture in the house. That’s why you have pets. They’re family. They belong on the couch. This breaks my heart.

  38. yes we all have that a lot ,I do too,wish we could,but don’t feel bad,lots of us want too but just cant,would you mind sharing the story on please for Tigers new Dad

  39. they are super shiny blackies,nice.That name made me laugh.Water..LOL.kids are so funny,I do hope you have water for a long time so your son can get a good laugh at his younger year,funny!

  40. Amie,your very kind,if you click through to website where the whole story is,just go to the end of it,on the 3rd page,right under the end I have 2 links,1 takes you to the shelter/vets where he is,and the other takes you to the shelter Facebook page.It shows you how and can help you.I hope I explained it enough,if not just let me know in a inbox message,as it is hard to find it today here,but yes,anyone can inbox me here anytime about anything!! O:)

  41. After 7 years there is noone that can replace that owner,breaks my heart. He looks a lot like my cat and iot would break my heart to leave her anywhere other than vacation time . I don’t even like to do that but sometimes you have to.

  42. yes he has,but more problems have come up with Tiger ,the full story you can see if you click through my page link in this storys headlines @[1573118522:2048:Margaret] :/

  43. i have more claw marks on my furniture than my tiger has strips [kittty tiger] i ‘ve had 1/20 yrs/1/16yrs/1/12yrs they have p$#%&!@*ed on but i keep getting kittys i’d take this one in a heart beat.I live in s. Indiana

  44. His story shows us how some people are wired in their heads,wrong,he did get his new dad is doing his best but he does need some help with treatment costs,lets hope he can get help,he has severe depression as well.

  45. While I love kittens, I love the cats they become even more than I do the kittens they were when I first get them. My cats are part of my family. I recently lost my oldest one, who was almost 18 years old. He had been dumped as a tiny kitten and I had him his entire life. He died in my arms. I’ve had new furniture come and go during his lifetime, and he was never in any danger in being dumped in a shelter just because I got new furniture. My girls will remain with me until they p$#%&!@* on. The kitten I hope to get here in the next couple of days will remain with me until it dies.

  46. His story shows us how some people are wired in their heads,wrong,his new dad is doing his best but he does need some help with treatment costs,lets hope he can get help,those details about Tiger and his new Dad is found at bottom of the story on my site,it is the last 2 links to him,1 too his Facebook Shelter page,and another to Tigers new life to help with ongoing health,he has very bad depression as well.

  47. Thats sad since when is furniture more inportant then pets. I once got a new couch and I loved it cause it was my favorite color purple. I knew my cats would start to scratch at it right away and they did. Even thou im upset that my beautiful couch is now ruined I would never get rid of my cats

  48. Oliver my demonic 3 3/4 legged fur baby. He’s a pain but does show love. Had him 3 yrs since his owner , my gf’s daughter left for the Air Force . Nope she isn’t getting him back 🙂

  49. I read this story yesterday and this really makes me sick!! This poor cat!! I hope the roof collarpsed on their new couch!! Serve them right!! I hope he is eating now!!

  50. How sad…I had an orange cat like Tiger …very loving and would tuck her head under my arm when she knew I was sick…she died from contaminated water from a plumbing problem in the ba$#%&!@*t…I don’t know how she got down there but I miss her so very much…it broke my heart for the vet had to put her down because her liver was shutting down. I just don’t understand how anyone could have a cat for all that time and then do something so heartless…I know Tigers’ heart was broken but I pray that her new dad will heal Tigers’ wounds.

  51. I READ THE WHOLE STORY & CRIED!!! I need a new2 sofa, but I won’t get one because I love my cats, Samson & NutterButter! Instead of a new sofa, I opt for a pet cove for mine!

  52. He can scratch up my sofa anytime…;_; An animal is a life companion and far more important than a piece of furniture. I have four and they sometimes scratch my furnishings…but the appropriate response is “that’s okay baby.” Poor sweet kitty. I hope he gets over it. <3 My heart broke just reading this.

  53. This is such a disturbing story, it brings tears to my eyes. No cat, or pet for that matter should be dumped, just for getting new furniture. That is wrong and the owners should be shamed for this act!! This family is all he knows and he doesn’t understand why they did this to him.

  54. Yes it truely is a disgustingly selfish person,I do hope in some way one of her accquaintices even see or hear about what is said here,and $#%&!@* on her new sofa before ending her as a friend!.Very long shot I suppose Richard,but Fbook works in funny ways,and its all about the m$#%&!@*es,the sharing,to flush her out

  55. Tiger will be in your heart forever now Amie,when I donate a little bit I always remember their names,even like ten years on,you should be proud to have earned that feeling,Tim will be so grateful and no better cause as for Tiger 🙂 <3 O:)

  56. UPDATE ON TIGER!! Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming with Joan Deraval
    We just came back from seeing Tiger Tim at the vet.

    The news is not so good. On top of everything else, his white blood cell count is sky high. The vet is not sure why and sent off more blood for further testing. He is on heavy-duty intravenous antibiotics.

    The only bit of good news is that he does not have hepatic lipidosis, which is the main concern when cats stop eating. His kidney values are good.

    Tiger Tim is looking very weak, but he did get up on his feet to greet us. Only for a minute, though, then he lay down again.

    It looks like they will do the surgery to put in a feeding tube tomorrow.

    At the very least, he will be hospitalized for a week, quite possibly more

  57. Praying for the little angel, and hoping tgat womans husband has an affsir, kicks her out and takes the damn new couch! what a heartless $#%&!@*! Tiger the world loves u! Live the rest of your life in happiness with your new dad!

  58. i hope someone can take him, give him a good life, love him & promise not to give him up! i have 3 cats already or i’d take him. This is so sad.

  59. Exactly @[1333428398:2048:Linda W. Rider],thats why I get infuriated on how ppl do such things,I reckon America is lucky I live over here,,I would hunt the ppl down I expose on here..geez,id be a Cat hurter Bounty Hunter,a female one!!

  60. Thankyou so much for the kindness @[1061978939:2048:Dana],here is the link to the charity where he is and its registered,also done quick and easy as well.The Friendly Pay it forward karma bus is going to show up or you 🙂 A big kind hug from me as well>details

  61. I have a big blue chair ” that has cat scratchies on both sides from my cats I have had overthe years that have p$#%&!@*ed on ” I cant get rid of it because it has lots of memories from my cats

  62. All the info to help or just read it,please just click through on the post I made about him above me here,on what went on,helping the place he is at present,the links for them are at the end of the story under the end of article and it will tell you everything!

  63. I’ve fed two of my cats with feeding tubes and they both got well! It isn’t as scary as I first thought it was. Thinking of this poor baby this morning…

  64. Hugs and kisses for Tiger. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Pets are a lifelong commitment-if your not willing to love and care for your furbabies, then don’t get one! I can’t imagine not having a cat.

  65. My cat Roxy was dropped off at an animal hospital she was only 3 weeks old, I wanted a cat so that’s where I went to see if they knew where I could get a cat in need of a home, the vet took me out back and showed me this kitten, he said 2 women dropped her off there because she fell down the chimmney, and that her neck was leaning to the left side, I told the vet that I would take her home and take care of her, I still have her till this day, she is my pride and joy. Would never take anything to replace her. Love her to death. Shame on that woman who did that to tiger. Hope she has bad carma for the rest of her life. I’m not a person to say that but it broke my Heart reading this story.

  66. My heart breaks for tiger. I wish I could hold him in my arms and kiss him and love him. He looks just like my cat who died a year ago due to epilepsy complications. She too was orange tabby. Her name was Tulip and she was my little flower.

  67. that is so sad to see that poor tiger heart broken how can the owner be so heartless ignoring the cries from he’s pet whom he chose to adopt and raise since he was 3 months old only to dump him just like that? i hope that he will go to a zoo or somewhere where he will be loved and cared for and not have to be treated the way this inhumanely heartless owner did. this poor tiger doesn’t deserve this.

  68. Crap like this makes me mad . I lost my beautiful kitty Lucky in March, he was only 5 months old and it nearly killed me. I just don’t get how someone could keep a kitty that long and choose a piece of furniture over it.

  69. Reading about Tiger saddened me. He is in shock from being abandoned. If I still lived in Brooklyn, I would go get him in a hot second. Tiger, please don’t give up. My love and prayers for you. You are beautiful and you’ve done nothing wrong. I love you Tiger!

  70. We let our cat scratch and attack our box spring on all our beds. Almost 6 months ago he decided he needed to go and play with some new friends. I would give anything to have him back with us again, I would even buy all new furniture for him to claw up…. If only.

  71. Poor cat it is heart broken it misses his family &? does not understand what happened to them why thy just put him in tha carrerer and left him at the shelter hoow could they do ths to the poot cat especialy after 7 yrs withthem.

  72. Thank you. I was cuddling her when the vet arrived and was she left this awful place. Yes I know the feel our pain and it is hard to fight the tears as they go. I look forward to the day we see them all again. There are many and will be many more. I cannot say no to a kitty in need.

  73. You know I was always taught that an animal is forever. Not well I can’t afford or they are sick or they are old or I am moving. If I had to give up my babies to move I am afraid I would have to move someplace else. I believe God gives us his angels to see who will will take care of them and what we will do to see they are always loved and cared for. You take them to the vet. if the vet cannot figure it out you may have to try another. and maybe even another. You baby will let you know when it is their time and until till then you both keep fighting for the survival and well being. This throw away, lazy I don’t want to be bothered society that we live in has got to change.

  74. i would never do that to my baby Leo i think that people who value a couch over i life should never be able to get pets/furbabies because they are truly things that can never be replaced a couch can that poor pet lived seven years with someone who never cared for them

  75. when they should have found someone who would care for it and love it hell i would have gladly taken him myself and had a tiger to go wth my little lion

  76. Yes the owner was the one who gave him up to the place knowing it was a kill unit!..If you want all his info just click through the link on my posts about him,the what happened is there and also what you can do too @[100002724422654:2048:Angela Koerner]

  77. This is the world who have gone wrong @[100004660243583:2048:MarvinandVenus Mikolajek],your comment is exactly as I or most people would do if possible,I would and have gone with out food for a vet visit money.Your spot on with how it should be,thankyou

  78. I do have to say when you say most you might be a lil off. In my experience the vast majority in this wrong world are like Tigers mom. The few are the ones like us that will do what ever it takes to care for our beloved babies. I have hear all kinds of reasons and excuses and then see those same people driving a brand new car, or change furniture every year. Or just up and move and leave a whole colony of cats behind to fend for themselves, because they don’t want to be bothered with find them some place happy and loving to go. I will always be animal poor and I prefer to be that way. Money makes the world go round, but it is love that warms your heart and comforts your soul. And there is nothing that compares to the true unconditional love that an animal gives.

  79. I agree totally,I did mean most,as most people on our TLC page,a majority of us here and your correct when you say they get fed first,its the way it is ,in our Cat people world,thanks for commenting 🙂

  80. I am glad there are organizations like yours. What y’all do is very special and very much needed. I wish there were more group like you out there to defend the defenseless. Thank you for what you do and for what you stand for. Keep up the good work and hang in there.

  81. My boys ♡ worth more than any piece of furniture ever by far. Pancake, the black one, has a very sensitive stomach and he throws up if he eats too much or if he eats something unusual. He was also saved just hours before he was supposed to be euthanized. His vomiting is inconvenient but I would NEVER get rid of any of my boys. There is no good excuse to throw a family member away.

  82. This is my couch. I never once thought about getting rid of my cats to replace it. If anything, I’ll sit on the floor if I have to. Shame on her. Pets are family.

  83. I bought a new couch and I don’t care if my cats get on it its just as much theirs as it is mine they spend more time here then I do! They are family!!!! Never get a pet to only have in the cute stages because someone who will keep them forever will be there to their last breath!

  84. I just looked but didn’t find it? Thank you he is my handsome boy! I always tell everybody I’m going to marry my cat that way I can say my husband is fat and lazy and does nothing around the house lol this is lucy our other baby!

  85. It is a damn shame that a person would care about material things over the love of an animal…..This was the only home he knew so of course he is going to be heartbroken….!!!!! and scared….You can put covers over furniture my cats claw at my sofa but i would not trade them for anything…. love is so much more important than a damn piece of furniture I feel this way because i took in 3 strays and love them plus my own cat never regret it…. bless the poor cat i hope he finds someone to really love him forever I mean FOREVER>>>>>>

  86. Animals like cats and dogs can get like us,into depressions,into Post traumatic stress and it comes out like us on their physical body,he is more sensitive perhaps too,but yes,they fret!

  87. maybe Tiger needs a reason to live. I wonder what would happen if when he is better or while he is recovering they put a kitten with him. Someone like himself to cuddle and love. That selfish woman who dumped him off should hopefully read all these comments and realize her wrong doing.

  88. I cant believe that woman really a new couch is why you risk giving this poor loyal baby a death sentence. Lots of love sweet baby in your recovery !

  89. healing thoughts for Tiger………i can’t believe someone would do that…….i have cats that are almost 10 and they will live with me as long as they will….we rescued 2 babies about 9 weeks old and they are here to stay…..we have 2 blind ones also……all my cats are loved and to the person who did this, i hope you get what you deserve all that cat did was to love you and you tossed him away like an old sock shame on you…cats and dogs are family, you love them furniture is just that…..

  90. I am starting to get the feeling the couch story was just that a story. I believe the previous owner knew something was wrong with tiger and didn’t want to or didn’t have $ to care for him. Which is still a shame. My 3 cats are my fur babies and I would do anything for them. When my youngest was a little less than a year old I had to shell out close to $3000 in a months span for emergency medical care. I didn’t have the $ but I didn’t give up on him and now he is 7 and don’t regret a thing!!!! People need to remember they are family members.

  91. I understand that @[1307851542:2048:Lindsey],but I will say he is now with people who love him so much,plus he was not physically hurt,just emotionally,so he is with people who want him now <3

  92. Just really pisses me off when people throw away animals like garbage. My animals are part of my family. Every foster that gets adopted is hard on me because I love them…how someone can so easily get rid of a member of their fam is beyond me! Glad im not their parents…they will likely dump them in a run down home when theyre elderly (end of rant…sorry…just really upsets me)

  93. I hope this woman is married and her husband dumps her someone else. That’s not even close to what she deserves. Sorry if this statement upsets anyone but, that’s how I feel about that b*tch!

  94. I hope that sofa was worth it, you know what goes around comes around so be aware you may wake up and find yourself HOMELESS too!! Lady you had better NOT get another animal because you are one selfish SOB

  95. I have several cats, with oldest being 8 years old (she was 2 when I adopted her), but I still wouldn’t do this for anything! Sometimes it’s a struggle to keep them in line, but there has never been a day that they have gone without food, water or medical attention. For someone to give up their companion of 7 years for a Sofa, kinda boggles my mind! I hope she never has another companion like Tiger!

  96. how could someone after having a animal for so many years loving the cat and sharing your life with the cat then turn this cat away l could NEVER EVER DO THIS TO AND ANIMAL my heart hopes the cats meands and to be happy again

  97. I built my babies their own cat box/window seat area this is their world just like it’s mine…they have free roam of my house. But they’ve got their area. An there’s 5 feral cats coming by for water an food. They got dumped here. I don’t get how people can dump innocent little ones. If you don’t want the responsibility of your animal having babies..get them neutered. They’re your responsibility til they p$#%&!@* to animal heaven. If you can’t love them then don’t get one.

  98. ii wanted to move back to my home town and i would have had to stay with my dad for a while until i got on my feet. but he said i couldnt bring my cat… so i stayed where i was because she would never make it without me. thats the right thing to do… that woman in a cold hearted $#%&!@*! cat hair cleans up.

  99. Bless his heart ❤️Prayers ❤️I don’t know how heartless a person can be to do something so horrible just remember Karma will get you ! I’m getting a new couch this weekend and I’m sure in the hell not getting rid of my dog ! There is a thing as a couch cover ! Bless you Tiger get well !!!

  100. Hope this sweet baby is doing better! Saddens me that people give up their pets for ridiculous reasons. The ends of my couches and my beds are all frayed, even though I have scratching posts everywhere. My oldest cat has litter box problems, but I trained her to use pee pads instead of giving up on her. All five of my kitties are here to stay, despite the messes they can make! 🙂

  101. Like I said before. We let our big boy scratch the box springs on the beds. He would leave the rest of the furniture alone. But my big boy crossed over in January, and I would give anything to have him back. I would buy a whole house of furniture for him to claw up.

  102. Her owners have no heart, how could they do this to a family member, it is no wonder her blood cell count is so high, he has made himself sick from being abandoned by his family. It just makes me want to cry.

  103. What a nasty selfish ignorant evil self centered cold heartless $#%&!@*. I have a cat got him at 6wks i also purchased a new sofa only yesterday $1200 it cost an my cat is welcome to sit on it next to me. So far he hasnt maybe cos its new an the leather smell maybe putting him off. I hope ahe can sleep at night clearly has no conscience. This is elvis on my old sofa.

  104. sounds to me she knew her cat was sick and didn’t want to deal with him getting better .. Poor tiger Tim praying things turn around for this kitty. this just broke my heart when I read this… some people do not deserve to have pets,,,,

  105. Tiger if you lived with me and Daytona and Fontona you would have to big couches you could dig your claws into all day long and be happy doing it. With the girls. I am sorry she did that to you. Get well soon please. <3 <3

  106. Tiger Tim, I love you. Please get well soon. I want you to be happy! Your new family loves you too. Hoping to hear good news soon. The whole world is wanting you to get well. Love you.

  107. i had to give storm as my mom was falling all the time after my dad p$#%&!@*edaway n i could not help but try to keep mom from falling she was in her 80s the last time she did fall out of bed had to take her to the hosptial n she had to have two surgerys on her left leg. the last one she could never walk again they had to left her in n out of bed.

  108. UPDATE TODAY ,Tiger is not going to get better,the full update is up the top of the page today.Sat.So please head up top of page to say goodbye and hear about it.We are all very sad to loose our first friend who won’t make it sadly

  109. I’m so sorry for tiger Tim I hope the woman that left him treats her children better than she treats her animals because they are family too I hope Tiger has an easy transition over the rainbow bridge

  110. Tiger, we just want you to know you are LOVED more than you can know. When you get there please look up our luckydog, he will help you get acquainted with everyone. We that love all of you sweet babies will get to give all of you bribes a belly rub some day. Look for this boy.

  111. My heart aches so badly for Tiger. @least he has loving caring people these last few days. May God bless Tiger and all involved in his care. Soon precious you will be free of these hurt and cross the rainbow bridge.

  112. I loss two of my baby’s cinnamon had breast cancer and her brother Shadow had stomach cancer took care of them till the end and now I just have baby left there sister I love my baby’s till the end ijs

  113. This absolutely breaks my heart….That poor cat..he’s probably wondering “what did I DO” I cry my heart out every time I even THINK of him and looking at him like this is anguish …God Bless That Poor Baby…..

  114. Have been following Tiger Time story every day on the Magnificent site. The news is sad. Tiger Tim had cancer and there is was no hope for recovery. Can’t help but think that nasty uncaring, non comp$#%&!@*ionate, cheapskate former owner knew he was sick. Perhaps if she had done the right thing his cancer could have been treated and he would still be with us. I hope she has a miserable life and never owns another animal.

  115. She should have used the money to pay vet bills instead of buying a couch. I can understand some people have to get rid of there pet when it gets sick cause they cant afford vet bills but this women ovisally could if she was able to buy a couch

  116. As I sit with my beautiful baby bella who follows me loves without a doubt I cannot imagine doing this to any animal that I raised. Pets are for life their lfe. Rip when he crosses the rainbow bridge he will have love once again. Karma I hope it pays her a vist.

  117. God bless this little angel !! And the people who helps him I really would like the name of the $#%&!@* who took him to the shelter I’d pee all over her fabulous new sofa !!!

  118. His story is really sad. My cats tore up my new dining room chairs. I bought 2 new chairs. I would not think to throw my cats out. They are my family. So, your couch was more important than you cat?

  119. @[100001006004379:2048:Tammy] I love the image here,may I put it into my section I began for our cat angels,I do all this stuff here and on my website but don’t have time or wouldn’t know how to do that pic,yep it sounds odd,but ive never just done something like that picture.II will have to get my album part fro angel cats happening,we only have 1 puss so far,Tiger Tim will be our second,god love him.

  120. I’m so sorry Tiger……bless your heart sweet kitty. I will love and pet you when I get to Heaven. …. St. Francis will meet you there. He has loved you before you were born…..

  121. The latest update is at the top of the page at the moment..please @[100001006004379:2048:Tammy Randall],the picture you put here I love,would you mind putting another copy of it under the update I done today,he will probably only have 1 more update and I will write it where this picture is under the latest post,if you dont mind foing that fo course,im finding it hard to do much with Tiger in it at the moment.

  122. I got my couch before my babies look at it now, lol but it’s worth it. They get to do anything they want in my house. Nobody dares to move them from a chair, the table, counter, bed, sink or any spot, we accommodate to them. That’s my rule and nobody gets to break it Celina. ☺️

  123. I hope she really loves her couch maybe it will get stained real bad or worse that poor baby didnt deserve that at no time is piece of furniture more important than a furry family member bad karma you way nasty person

  124. For new TLC friends,this Tiger Tim’s was a story we followed closely until he crossed the rainbow bridge last week..we have more up the the page as things progressed with this magic cat we fell in love with and the first to loose as friends on here.I will put the link to the ending of the story here if you want to see his little life we lost .Other posts are further up to new posts that I have highlighted for people to find easier.Here is his last day with us here,thankyou for loving him as well.We will never forget him,he was just..well,very special.xoxoxoxox https://www.facebook.com/TheLovedCats/photos/a.629718520466483.1073741835.566512746787061/710393015732366/?type=1

  125. Tiger Tim, please know that you have the love and prayers of many many people who care about you from afar. Keep going and don’t let your illness keep you down. Let the Tiger in you come forward and ROAR!! Love you.

  126. Probably died from depression I had a cat that died once after his buddy died the vet said there was nothing wrong with him but he seemed really upset so she diagnosed depression.

  127. have a happy time over the rainbow bridge Tim, you were loved by a lot of us and we are sad to see you go but we know you are free of all the bad things and pain in your life blessed be

  128. I hope the $#%&!@* who gave up her child and I say child because our pets are our children has nightmares for the rest of her life and I hope she or someone else spills red wine on her new sofa. Heartless humanless $#%&!@*, hope you read this

  129. I say they should urthanize the dush bag who dropped him off hopefully she suffocates on her new couch… N hope she doesn’t hav kids she sound like a Selfish $#%&!@*… I’d slap her a few times

  130. I hope her couch falls apart!!!!. My cat rules my house. I got new furniture and it is happily covered in cat fur…very homey for my Gabrielle and I.

  131. The woman who turned this beautiful cat in is a rotten human being. At the end you will answer to your maker above and meet your new place in hell. Shame on you, karma’s a $#%&!@*

  132. Prayers for Tiger. I couldn’t even imagine giving up my cats Tigger (looks just like Tiger) and Maui. They are my babies. I also pray for the horrible woman who gave him up. Karma she’s a $#%&!@*

  133. Perhaps u should have thought about you furniture before ever getting Tiger! Also, what is the problem with getting a new couch? Put something to cover the couch or just comb her once a week and there should not b a problem!

  134. I can’t believe someone could give up a loving pet for a piece of furniture. This woman has no heart; she didn’t even care that her cat can be murdered at any time. Look at the poor thing; he is heart broken. Hopefully his new dad can mend his heart because Tiger deserves to,be loved

  135. I can’t believe someone could just dump a loving pet at a shelter that told her the poor thing could be killed. You had Tiger 7 years; you said he was a lovable and affectionate pet; but you dumped him like a piece of garbage; and for a lousy piece of furniture. You should be ashamed. I hope someday someone dumps you like the garbage you are; and you go feel what Tiger is feeling. Hopefully he will find happiness with his new dad and be able to love again because he deserves it…..you however; don’t

  136. I can’t believe someone would leave a loving and affectionate pet at a shelter knowing he could be killed. You said Tiger was loving and kept you company for 7 years and you threw him away like a piece of garbage for a new couch. What kind of a monster are you. I hope you never have a happy day as long as you live. Your broke this poor baby’s heart and left him with no will to live. How can you live with yourself knowing you killed someone who loved you unconditionally. I hope you burn in hell for what you did to Tiger and I hope he haunts your dreams every night for the rest of your life…..you are truly a monster. Please don’t ever get another pet; you don’t deserve one

  137. Shame, shame on that horrible woman. How could she do that to her faithful companion of 7 years? What a spiteful awful person. Poor Tiger. I hope he gets well and will be adopted by someone who appreciates him. ❤️

  138. horrible horrible person!! i just lost my beautiful orange Alex to felu at 7 yrs old n would gladly give away all my furniture to have him back!! this hurts my heart!!

  139. He is @[100000342909834:2048:Marie Ellis],I cried again only today about him,when I see his photos i still am not over the journey we took on here with this precious puss,but yes,he is free,that makes me happy,sort of happy if I may be honest,still wish ,,if only ..sort of thing..

  140. This is a story from a few months ago and unfortunately Tiger died. He was cared for and loved by a rescue and foster who did all they could for him. He had cancer. He died knowing true love…

  141. Maybe the owner knew Tiger had cancer and opted out. If that is so, it makes more sense than the sofa business however it still is a scrappy thing to do. I am glad he had the love of those around him when he p$#%&!@*ed. Thank God for people who will take animals into their hearts and love them.

  142. sorry not seen your comment Irma,he was later to find he had a cancer,he p$#%&!@*ed on,with lovely people helping from the shelter in Brooklyn,they all where amazing to him,he crossed being held by his foster mum. <3

  143. This breaks my heart! I am in tears typing this!! I don’t know how people can live with themselves, how cruel and evil can you be?? I just bought a new couch and it was 3,000 dollars. My 8 year old cat and my 4 year old dog was the first ones on it!! Who cares!! It’s a material thing!!!!!

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