Ginger/white Stowaway Cat Gives Birth On A Italian Ship|Sailors Help Out

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These Little Kittens Are Staying In The US.Sailors Saved Them

ginger kittens stowawy

A lovely story of help given by sailors when they found her on their ship travelling from Algeciras in Spain to Houston. During a storm she was discovered by the Italian crew who gave her much needed shelter.

Not long after she gave birth to a kitty, suspecting there may be more, the crew searched and found three cold and bedraggled babies. Having no cat food on board Francesca was fed liver, fish and chicken by the ships cook.

The crew, who fell in love with them, made great efforts to ensure the paperwork was processed to enable the family to be homed in the US. Dr. Kim at Marina Bay Animal Hospital vetted them, providing the needed medical paperwork.

The family have gone through a short period in isolation and are now with a foster family.There is a video to watch about them on the link below this post on my page.

Anyone in the area who wishes to adopt them can get more information from Friends of League City Animal Shelter or send an email to

Well done fellas,you got good hearts!

Keep Smiling!


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