Freezing To Death|Just Dumped In The Snow In A Carrier

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Clyde Was Dumped In The Snowstorm,Left Outside To Die In The Weather

How cruel can people be,to abandon their Cat outside in freezing temperature in his carry case, Poor Clyde was left in the wind and rain without even a blanket to keep him warm. He was found at the north end of the Clyde tunnel in Glasgow and was in a bad way.I just do not understand that,my mind can’t comprehend how anyone does these thing Ya’no!.Cold, terrified cat Clyde is rescued after being abandoned in carrier

A jogger discovered the frightened feline in a cat carrier next to the cycle path entrance around noon on Monday, January 12, and contacted the Scottish SPCA.Please click next link for more on Clyde.

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  1. What the $#%&!@* is wrong with people? We live in a world of sociopaths. I can’t even read this story without having mixed emotions so I’ll just pray that this fur baby finds a great home.

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