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The Unlikely Friends,Who Are Now Best Mates!

This fabulous program seen in this video is helping so many Cats in the Community shelters or who would be strays are being re housed to this program that brings Cat and Inmates together,to help each other in so many ways.

We as Cat lovers know how they help us,our moods,our loneliness,our health,just to name a few,so these men in Pendlelton are absolutely loving the friends they have made of these cats,that would never have happened before..please watch the video,it tells you quickly about this awesome idea,that brings them together.

A program at Pendleton Correctional Facility has brought about a dozen shelter cats to live inside the prison’s refurbished office, where inmates take turns caring for the felines

This is a big improvement over the cats’ living conditions at the shelter, where they spent most of their time inside cages. At Pendleton, they roam freely inside the large space, socialize with people and other cats, and play on walkways, cat trees and scratching posts crafted by people at the prison.

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