The Amount Of Empathy Cat’s Have Is Shown In This Story.Proof Here!

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The Amount Of Empathy Cat’s Really Have Is Shown In This Story

This photo is this cat who has lost his mate somehow,I can see sadness in this cats eyes,maybe others cannot.Certainly looks like their was a bond here.

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  1. Yes the cats shows empathy and sadness and loss, but what of the human that let this poor animal not have a proper burial or attended to the other cat in their time of loss. They are like people they have feelings like people and this cat could have used some love and support.

  2. Animals do love their mates, siblings and humans. My Shadow passed away December 16, 2015 from terminal lymphoma cancer. Shadow and Baby Boy always slept together on my bed with me until the last week of his life. He slept in the living room and Baby Boy slept right there with him. When Shadow passed, It took over three weeks before Baby Boy came back to sleep with me… All animals have feelings, probably more than most humans!

  3. I agree with MarvinandVenus.. I have buried 6 feral cats that were killed by cars in the last year because it is the right thing to do. I have also “rescued” 14 feral cats that are now my fur babies. The cat in the picture breaks my heart, but I would have taken him in and buried his mate. So sad to look at and it is breaking my heart.

  4. I went through six diff pages, to see that in a weeks time “NO-ONE” bothered to ????? move the dead cat??? or to see if it was alive??? WHY????????????????????????????

  5. I have had cats my whole life….my parents back 63rd is a car cemetery….we always had a funeral….it’s so hard when you lose one….they are your family….I much prefer cats or animals to humans

  6. I know cats feel. When i dont feel well my fur babies come lay on me and give me love. Not that i dont get love from them all the time, but i can tell the differance.

  7. my neighbor has garage cats, and i swore i saw the cat I called Checkers hit by a car. my brother in law picked her up for me and took her to the neighbors. She was dead, but the neighbors where thankful we took her home.

  8. It is a picture of love and devotion. How sad but I would of hopes someone would of moved the dead kitty and took in his friend because while he/she was trying to get it’s friend back it too could of used a little compassion. That would of been a beautiful ending to a sad kitty getting a home& love losing the fear of having to live on streets alone.

  9. I don’t understand why we seem surprised when an animal shows emotions and feelings. We are all God’s creatures and we all have a heart. The only difference is we seem to not stop talking about our emotions and feelings.

  10. This made me cry, i also have 2 rescues and they absolutely have feelings and their own personalities as do all animals, bless his little heart for doing what they would automatically do take care of his friend, humans can learn so much from animals, rest in piece sweet baby and i hope his friend gets rescued very very soon, no animal deserves to be on the streets alone and unloved

  11. Breaks my heart. Two of my cats are so bonded, they are inseparable. I believe cats are capable of deep love and devotion. When on of my dogs passed, his cat brother mourned for a month.

  12. This is so very,very sad.Cats do have all the same feelings that we do.I firmly believe that.My 3 rescues show all different kind of emotions.My 2 brothers Jake and Elwood share a special bond.Jake got out of the house.and was gone for 44 DAYS.Elwood mourned just as much as I did.and when he came home.he wouldn’t let Jake out of his sight.he was so happy to have his brother back.

  13. Yes they do love my Momma Doll had 4 kittens at my parents house….she was wild , Daddy trapped them all I agreed to raise them and find homes for them,..which I did. She fell in love with Sabation the shed cat they lived in harmony together. ..he didn’t come home on night she morn for him she when days looking for him and never returned…it was a very low time in our summer….

  14. If I had seen this, I wouldn’t have hesitated to take these fur babies home, with love and respect have a proper burial. And give a loving forever home to the remaining fur baby.

  15. I’ve seen this video before; it is heartbreaking and I can’t watch it without feeling so badly for both cats. I watched it hoping the living one would be rescued but you never see it when its deceased friend is taken away. 🙁

  16. There is a feral cat that I’ve been feeding. It’s a sweet cat, but still afraid of people. Someone brought a big dog to the property that is terrorizing the cat. I am moving soon, and very concerned about this kitty. Are there feral rescues?? Or if I were to take it, it needs to be debugged. And its’ not going to let me handle it. How do you clean them up. Are there tranquilizers that can go in their food and while the cat is asleep, give the flee bath, clean the ears, etc.? How did you go about transitioning a feral to the indoors, especially the clean up process? I want to see if there is a rescue that could take the kitty. I think it is part racoon. God bless you for all you do for the kitties.

  17. Too sad to look at . . . I know cats have more feelings than humans, I have 2 living cats and 3 passed away. Each one so different but loving and caring. They know when you are sick and just lie down next to you not asking for anything just want to show their love. This picture just breaks my heart. I just hope that whoever took the picture had the decency to give the poor furr baby a proper burial and take care of the other cat!

  18. Yes, check for local Animal Humane Society, do a search on the Internet. Feral cats can become pets, I have done it a whole bunch of times. Please try to help this cat, especially if it is alone. Single feral cats do not do as well as a colony so I hope this one gets adopted.

  19. If one of those cars hit that cat they should have did something yeah maybe they couldn’t take the cat in order but don’t just hit it and leave it that’s so sick that poor cat his friend suffered for 7 days before anybody pick the cat up what the f*** is wrong with people cars drove in and out of that parking lot and nobody f****** bothered what a heartless f****** world this is coming to just plain heartless god forbid it was somebody’s kids people just don’t give a damn anymore they just don’t the whole f****** world is coming slowly to an end and you Animal haters out there going to be the first ones to f****** go to hell

  20. This breaks my heart that someone could be so damned cold-hearted to stand there and video and watch as this baby is trying to revive his friend…and not help in some way…humanity in large sux!!!

  21. So very sad yet so very true. It pains me every time I see a kitty that has passed over the rainbow bridge along the road on my travels. I have 11 loving fur babies that are all rescues or strays that have come my way and I cherish each and every one of them. They are my family they are my children and they give me love and happiness. They are capable of unbelievable emotion.

  22. Got a bunch of rescues here. Found one near death and nursed him back. He took up with the crabbiest cat here. They were inseparable. Then the worst thing his friend went to the Rainbow Bridge. Vet never caught the cancer inside him. I was devastated but worse was my other cat. He cried and went into a depression. It took me 7 months to pull him along. Yes they have empathy and know heartbreak.

  23. I’m wondering how much of this is true. Why would the Cat stay there for many days? It’s a parking lot & dangerous. People would have seen it there & moved it, I would think. why would it bring it food when Cats can see the soul leave the body.

  24. I can’t hardly watch we have rescued over 40 cats, spade and neutered feed what ever. I will keep doing this till i die. I wish God would punish all the terrible humans that hurt and neglect any animal! I would shoot a human before I would shoot a animal. People are ignorant

  25. this breaks my heart that people can be so evil and leave these babies there that pisses me off that some humans have no soul i hope to god that someone rescued the living cat and honored the other cat by giving the baby an honorable burial

  26. So why didnt someone properly address the dead cat or help the other cat? Based on the article, it sounds like folks just left the dead animal there for days on end and let the other cat suffer/grieve over his lost buddy. Not sure I understand people.

  27. Many people just don’t care unfortunately. They would rather someone else take care of it. Very sad work. I love my babies so much. I can’t wait to see them after a long day at work. They are always there to greet me.

  28. Why in the world would you allow the cat to suffer the loss for a week ? Bury the poor cat, feed the survivor, and try to provide it with some human compassion.

  29. It would have been best to remove the that was killed and take the other one that was mourning home.This was in at at parking lot and the other cat could very well get hit too.But seem one cared about either situation.I rescue cats and also feed many daily.Takes 3 hours to just feed.

  30. It’s sad. Cats mourn, I have cats and often I fed stray cats then they don’t leave. I agree the person taking the picture should have done something. But people are cold.

  31. So very pathetic that someone KNEW he waited there for 5 days with his friend. The people taking pictures disgust me so many times when they take vidoes and pics and do NOTHING other than upload a new story. Your 5 seconds of fame are bloody NOTHING compared to what a hero you could be to a living breathing loving furbaby!! Next time instead of pulling your darn phone, DO SOMETHING to help!

  32. I rescued 2 brothers from a restaurant woodpile. They loved each other and spooned every day. One (Larry) was hit by a car (which kept going, of course). The other brother, ( Weewun) was looking for him for such a long time.. and howled for him for so long. It was so heart-wrenching. I keep Weewun close to me now. Larry was unable to stay inside for too long… hence his demise. I buried Larry in a marked grave in the backyard and Weewun goes to that area every time he gets an outdoor excursion. There is no doubt that cats have a connection… have empathy … and feel an abundance of love. So sad humans sometimes have a disconnect there.

  33. sorry for your loss. i hate having outside cats, there are so many dangers. but there are some that just not live in the confines of a house. they like to visit on that rear occasions, but prefer the out door life. I have lost two to poison, several that have been hit by cars, on snake bit and other MIA. I really prefer to adjust them slowly to house living when possible

  34. Does People just not have ANY common sense? How terrible,knowing this went on for a week,and Not doing a Damn thing for the Cat, but take pictures and write a Story !

  35. Feel so sorry for all the feral kitties!!! We have 2 ferals living outside our house. My husband feeds them and provided a safe shelter with a heating pad for them in the winter. The cats both love each other so much!!!

  36. Who leaves a dead cat in a parking lot? Clearly cars have come and gone and the poor dead cat is still there, being protected by his friend. Show at least a modicum of compassion towards a deceased animal.

  37. I try and feed all the strays in my area. I hate it when they are just dumped like a piece of garbage. Poor babies I wish could have them all . People are so heartless. God is watching and you’ll get your upcomings.

  38. We had 2 cats that were brothers in the neighborhood and one of them died. The other one sat under my shrub and howled for weeks. He was afraid of people, but after a year he was tame enough to get him his shots and have him move into the house. He is an extremely loving little boy now.

  39. This picture breaks my heart. I not only see sadness in thois kitty’s eyes I see terrible grief. To stay with his mate’s body for a week tears me up. I would have buried her for him and tried to help him accept it. Poor little guy.

  40. my strays when they eventually died, they come home to my backyard and died there, and the stray cats that were close to the ones that died, they lived only a few weeks. I’m sure the bond that my strays had, were feeling the loss of those cats they were once very close to.

  41. So what happened next? Was deceased cat buried & other go to a gd. home? After watching the 2 for a wk. U’d think some1 would have pitched in!! Yes, cats have feelings & r very dedicated! Heartwarming story but what about them now?

  42. I’ve had so many cats in my life and I’ve seen them grieve by laying on the grave when one dies to not eating because they miss their friend. It’s very sad but it’s very real and emotional.

  43. SOOOOOO SAD. I hope that the others who sees this will NOW know what it is like when another animal loses his friend. It is the same as we feel.

  44. This should never happen to our precious cats. It breaks my heart.i have 2 sets of kittens because a dumb$#%&!@*it the mom .I do rescue and it hurts to see these poor cats going with out.

  45. I have a colony of ferals that I care for , as well as a group of indoor cats. I bury the cats that have been hit by cars even if I never saw them before. It is the right thing to do. Those that hit animals and don’t stop should suffer for what they did. Cats just want to live and hopefully have love. I love all of my ferals and we have a special bond. It makes me feel great to be able to hug and cuddle certain ferals. It’s a blessing to be loved by a feral.

  46. So somebody left a dead cat lay for a weeki, while it’s mate kept coming back and bring it food. Nobody buried the stiff dead bloating cat and nobody took cat of the live one? I call bullshit on this story.

  47. Yes cats show empathy & do express emotion. When our oldest kitty passed away, our other 3 kitties moaned & cried & paced outside the room (Oreo passed away in my husband & i bedroom). We had the door closed so we could keep the other kitties out. They knew..and when we got home from the vet that morning (had her cremated), all 3 knew something happened. They kept meowing for her & looking in all the areas she use to nap & lounge in. It took about a week for them to behave normal again. Nobody can tell me cats have no feelings or any animal doesn’t feel love, pain or anything! I’ll call them a liar straight to their face.

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