Cecil The Lion Lost His Life & Now These Prides Turn On Others,He Broke Their Natural Chain In Life!

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Cecil The Lion Lost His Life & Now These Prides Turn On Others,He Broke Their Natural Chain In Life!

Here we have the outcome from the disgraceful human who decided to put to death Cecil last month by the man dubbed an animal,yet he does not even that name as well,I will call him Evil!

He(Evil) has broken the natural chain of nature by removing a most important part of the clan and prides in the area!

Now another of Cecils cubs is feared dead after being killed by other predatory Lions,without Cecil this important part of that world is changed forever..

Please read the rest of this update that has happened..

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16 Comments to Cecil The Lion Lost His Life & Now These Prides Turn On Others,He Broke Their Natural Chain In Life!

  1. God be with them, Blessings for their safty and welfare. they know when one of them has p$#%&!@*ed, I care for a cat colony they have all got their shots and been fixed, but one of the large toms got hit on the road to the side of our house . I felt terrible. I won’t burry any thing for at least 10 or 15 hours after they have died, so we laid him on the gr$#%&!@* to the side of the carport.one hour later word had spread through the colony and they formed a circle around him, crouched down on their stomachs and stayed that way for over an hour. I could not believe it, so tender and having their last fair well with him and It did leave a void in the group, he was the leader..

  2. So sad. Trophy hunters are evil. I cannot imagine why the killing of our majestic wildlife can’t be stopped. Humans are supposed to be the caregivers of our planet and the majority of people want this killing to stop. What needs to be done?

  3. The killing of our wildlife has to stop. It’s their world, we just live in it. The man who killed him should be dumped out there with those lions so they can take the revenge they deserve.

  4. I didn’t realise the back lash would do this to his full Pride too until I found this news update,very pissed off and sad I am as well,where is this hiding evilness I say,flush him out!!

  5. God put animals on the earth for us, not to abuse them and kill them lawlessly! we are supposed to be smarter than that, some people are clueless idiots. It makes me angry. Beautiful lion, taken from a protected area, stupid dentist should be in jail.

  6. Despair. Total complete despair. I’ve never understood the mindset of trophy killing. It’s senseless cruel and evil. The egomaniacal humans that do this have somehow justified it. It disrupts the whole family ecosystem the animals create. Nature itself takes care of it. What is sportsmanship using high powered guns? I support the right to arm bears. And lions and tigers and rhinos and every other beautiful magnificent wild creatures. One can only hope karma takes care of these poor excuses for humans.

  7. Why hasn’t this dentist been arrested . After reading several stories about cecil..this one saying he had a rare black mane ..this guy knew EXACTLY WHAT LION HE WAS KILLING

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