Cats Did Make It Into The Million $ Artists Classics On Canvas

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I do love art,Im not a fanatic on it though,but these works of art by the biggest names in our knowledge did actually paint cats,or did paintings that included cats.Monet,Da Vinci,Cassat and a few more…

Most I have not seen,so it was nice to see our Loved Cats in a different light,through the eyes of an artist,and their representations of our Cats.I liked them,not something I will probably post often but still a nice change and a bit of info I didn’t know about these artists…

Kittens Playing On Desk by Brunel de Nueville

madonnawithchildand cat.da vinci



Carrier-Belleuse,,Young Ballerina Holding a Black Cat was painted in 1895.

LOUIS WAIN.Wain, an English artist, was inspired to draw cats after he and his wife, Emily—who was sick with breast cancer—adopted a stray kitten they named Peter, who greatly comforted his wife during her illness. Wain created many sketches of the cat, and his wife encouraged him to try to sell them (which wouldn’t happen until 1886, after Emily had died). “To him, properly”Peter, “belongs the foundation of my career, the developments of my initial efforts, and the establishing of my work.” Wain became known for his anthropomorphic cats, and then, after he was committed to a mental institution in 1924, for his brightly colored psychedelic cats like the one above! Bit rough,I love it!

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