Brave Little Cat Takes A Bullet For The Family & 3 Year Old Son!

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Brave Little Cat Takes A Bullet For The Family& 3 year Old Son!

Cats can totally be heroes too! This brave cat Opie,stood in the way of a bullet that was going to go into the little boy of 3 years that is a Hero Cat,he will be joining the others in the Warrior Cat section,he deserves it no doubt!

The night this happened this stray bullet found its way into a home and Opie layed in front of his 3 year old friend!

For this brave cats story please click below to see how this happened

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  1. I shared this story on your page a bit ago when it was aired on the local news station– Fox 43. I’m confused about all the credits going to Fox 8 instead though. It was reported, including the interview with the kitty’s mom, by Fox 43 staff.

    I just want to make sure proper credit is given. 🙂

    Opie is indeed a special kitty, and I’m glad his mom fought to keep him and didn’t give up on him after this tragedy. I’ve yet to hear how he is doing since the report (it’s been only a few weeks since). I hope to find out.

  2. His mom has a gofundme page and she posted an update there a few days ago saying his tubes were drained. But still a long way to go! I don’t believe they need any more funds as I’ve heard the bill was paid in full by someone, but if she continues to post updates, it might be worth checking out. 🙂

  3. @[1750293505:2048:Jolene Shank] @[1750293505:2048:Jolene Shank]Thankyou for that info on Opie! Anyone who knows things like that please share,I had a couple that looked a bit dodgy,but I can usually work that out but yes a big Thankyou

  4. Yes,the news comes out on many places and which one I see first i usually bring to you and I must say where that credit news came from,hope that answered That one @[1750293505:2048:Jolene Shank] 🙂

  5. No problem, it’s just that the video that accompanied wasn’t Fox 8 either. I know that wasn’t your fault as it wasn’t even at your site!
    Proper credit is important in this internet age, but I did see that many other sources picked up the story too, so it’s very possible that a Fox 8 did share it too. 🙂 🙂
    Anyway, he’s a great cat!

  6. He is very gorgeous for sure,and a battle warrior here..LOL..yes,thats exactly how we publish for you to see things and many other places show it as well..when I see a great story I just want to show everyone..I try to post good content and cattishness in a big way

  7. The story was amazing. But, I do not like how you have to keep clicking next to see another part of the story. Other pages are doing this as well and it’s a pain. Especially, if you are on a phone. (most times on computer). Put stories back on one page. Not necessary to have 3 pages for a story.

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