[BART UPDATE]Our Loved Buried & Lived Warrior Bart News!

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[BART UPDATE]Our Loved Buried & Lived Warrior Bart News!

UPDATE! July 22, 2015

Here is our beloved Bart,the (zombie) cat..he is no zombie,he is a warrior..lots of people will still think of him as the zombie,hopefully they will stop using that name.As we followed Bart since his terrible owners done this,he is the biggest Warrior cat I seen.I love him and TLC all do as well.

This is our monthly update for him.

It was a snuggle up and nap kind of day for Bart. Or, is that the Princess and the Pea? Whichever, the more layers of fluff, the better the snooze!

Still no update on the pending court case, we apologize!

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15 Comments to [BART UPDATE]Our Loved Buried & Lived Warrior Bart News!

  1. It will be a victory for all of us and especially for sweet Bart when these horrible monster so called owners go to jail and pay hefty fine. This will be an example for those other monsters out there prying on helpless defenseless animals.

  2. it sure will be Sumeera,we have been approx a year with or loved Bart,so far he has come,and I will always try to update monthly or all to see,even a reminder from anyone would be good if I seem to have forgot,we have been through so much with him,our warrior Bart.x

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