[Bart Update.6pics]Lots News On Our Buried Bart We Love

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Must See Updates On Our Bart The Buried Warrior Cat

Such good news,and lots of it Im a bit teary bringing the news to you,he affected our lives forever!

But on with this update.I have 6 New Photos,he is going from strength to now a very caring cat who settles down some other new rescues,like he is doing in this photo,how caring is he.!

He has fans from far and wide,people come to just meet Bart and give him a hug and thank everyone for what they have done for Bart,my ultimate Cat warrior I love so dearly♥bart-kitten heper.update april16

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8 Comments to [Bart Update.6pics]Lots News On Our Buried Bart We Love

  1. Yes,he is a good ending for sure,amazing really with what he has been through,now he helps other cats,what a wonderful puss,I wont ever forget this cat,I will share when more comes to show you,he was my sadest story,now he is our inspiration

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