[BART]Miracle Cat Comes Back From The Grave!

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I wanted to see how Bart was,the cat who was buried alive,he was in such a bad way it is amazing he has lived through 3 surgeries so far,what a warrior cat he is…and the horrid owners are not getting him back,they can keep the money they ripped of people like us to are caring,so yes,go spend your money from us you dead*hits..full update and reveiws on Tampa’s page they also have a heap of pics what has been done to help Bart,it is encouraging as well as confronting

Bart after his eye removal

UPDATE! February 2, 2015- Well, Bart surprised us today by taking his first bites of food since coming to our facility on January 23. This is a very good sign of his continued recovery. Because he is unable to eat enough food to sustain him, he will still need his feeding tube for several more weeks. He receives feedings every 4 hours through the tube to ensure that he is getting enough nutrients. We are so proud of this brave boy

I can;t say how much this affected me,and im on the other side of world,just goes to show how people care ..keep up the progress beautiful warrior Bart,thanks for all the stories from Tampa.

Source: Miracle Cat Comes Back From The Grave! | The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

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  1. If you like to see more about Barts healthcare and whatever else just click through to my site and there below my full report on him is the link to see and help him if you want too:)

  2. His full update is there if you click through to my website,it shows what they have done so far,images of the doctors helping,how he is and want they still have to do and the $#%&!@*s who done it update on them $#%&!@*s,plus Barts future..sad with a good end hopefully<3

  3. I seen this Deborah Zee Rubin and I wasn’t sure what it was,but in a big pic this is exactly on target for the men who done this to Bart,if only we could put them in it,shame as I would pull the switch.Thankyou,it is purrrrfect for them!

  4. yep,quick and effective..all while they may not be charged,im going to keep my eye out for them,might get a fine,$#%&!@*s..sorry,don;t mean to swear people,but I can’t not say it:(

  5. Bart, Thank goodness you have 9 lives! Not sure how many you have left but they will serve you right!! My cats want to share some of their lives with you to make sure you have plenty – Shredder, ChiChi, Bro, Siobhan, Ciaran, Mona, Keelee, Teaghan, Gradey,, BJ, CJ, and Cymun.(all are rescues)

  6. Lovely comment Nola Rice,he does need a couple,all the operations and what they have done so far is shown if we just click through,they have a way to go yet,but thanks for the share,the share of lives:).not the usual share on fbook,but it shows your big heart, <3 and I have a Shreeder as will,my new leather couch,full of puncture hole >🙁 ,hmmmm

  7. If our love reaching Barts veins helps he is on a good track,passion for our Loved Cats runs hard,I think we are wishing Bart into betterness,thanks to all my CCL’s ,this is why yas awesome!

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