I Cried!Animals Don’t Discriminate.This Video Changes Our Way Of Thinking-A Must Watch{2vid}

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I Cried!Animals Don’t Discriminate,No Way!

[2vids] Just when we think we have seen it all this video is found.We can see this incredible act of love and trust between 2 animals that was captured for us too see and believe it happened!This is the video that can make us cry,be mesmerized to the screen and just feel inner peace and love all at once..then watched the next and the same feeling too!

Videos like these don’t come around to often,so I need to share to give you at least the choice of wanting to see this incredible moment as a Dog helps a Cat give birth..Plus,for being a Dog he did a mighty good job…I mean,”Where was the kittens father” oh probably moved on,. As we know they can do that a lot!

But this amazingly sweet animal helped her give birth..never seen that ever..Im glad I did,really glad.I hope you feel like I do while I’m writing this for you..It feels really nice!

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  1. My Lab has done this with several litters of kittens. My one cat wouldn’t push the baby out unless my Lab, Stormy, was there to assist. We can learn so much from our pets.

  2. Oh Wow,thats really interesting Nancyit was something I didn’t see much about till getting online,we learn something all the time from others who have seen or been,if I was to get a dog a Lab was to be my choice..this just confirms it…your dog is awesome!!

  3. Yes it has brang quite a lot of us tears and a very overwhelming feeling,I knew I couldn’t be the only person to get that amazing feeling,which is why I shared it,it is really quite powerful <3

  4. See kindness transcends through the speeches this is wonderful . human beings could and certainly should take a lesson from animals . every living breathing speeches has a god given wright to be treated with dignity and respect .

  5. What a unique relationship this dog and cat have. The dog $#%&!@*isting in the birth of the kittens, is an occurrence I have never seen before. But may not be so very unusual in the Grand scheme of things. Perhaps you know of a similar event or may even have witnessed something of this kind?

  6. Hi @[100009106815868:2048:Jacqui],your right,it is pretty amazing,I never seen anything like this in my life,neither my friends or family,the care given I have no words for,had to show this.

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