About Us

Thankyou for visiting The Loved Cats.
We are here to share and enjoy the huge amount of love and fun Cats bring into our lives and we want to celebrate them here for them and for our own feelings we enjoy from these amazing Cat Persons.
I love all Cats,big and small,I will try to bring you all a big mixture of Cat information,including Great videos of all sorts, Good Health Advice,wonderful pictures of Cats,also with Kittens of course,coz how can we go past the beauty of kittens!! Or the gorgeous Big Cats and their Cubs!

Please feel free to send in any pictures and of course videos you might find and think we all here would love,I have a contact form for that,as well as you can post them with any comments.Yes i will be posting them if you do..so yes please Share my Pictures,Videos and anything we publish here,its for us all to enjoy,and to give Respect and Thanks for our amazing Cats with their unique personalities!Much like all of ours,mine is the Crazy cat Lady by my friends..but I can own that;)

Ive been blessed with some gorgeous Cat Persons in my family,about 15 I can think of over 30yrs,each one having their own qualities and I’ll never forget them..as to me they are Family!!!

Again Welcome,I hope you come back again and again,and “like” us on our Facebook Page too,we will be doing all types of things including Contests, Pets of the week,Favorite Pics,and others.
So I hope to see you there as well…!!