Abandoned Kittens Get Help.food And Special Little Vests.Feel Good Story!

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George and Elton,what are cute pair of Lucky Kittens.They did’t start that way,someone had abandoned them in a old shed!

They were not in a good way and really were malnourished.

When bought to the shelter,they helped get some food and help,they have made them these special little coats from socks,how cute is that!

The coats not only keep these little ones warm,but they have a habit of sucking on each other which makes sores,so they stop that too.While they get healthy and strong,then they are hoping to have them rehomed together,as thats just who they are,Elton and Ginger..i Love Elton John music,I will go and put some on I think..The  link below here should take you to where you can find more out about this precious couple Ginger and Elton…Awwwwwww     abandoned tiny kittens,wear socks to help mend their woundspg

How sweet hey,a lot nicer post than the last,they are so gorgeous but:)

Keep Smiling!

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