76yr Old Man Jailed for Feeding Cats..Where Has compassion Gone?

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[article] Texas – 76-year-old man was put in jail for feeding stray cats.Where the hell is Compassion for anyone or anything gone.

I read this and was horrified at the way they (The County) are trying to stop more Cats coming…But they just don’t understand how Cats work,they will always come in to find or be given tidbits,I think its plain disgraceful to do this to David!

Just this week,76 yr old David Parton was released from the Cooke County Correctional Center after spending nine days in jail for refusing to pay the $900 fine that came along with feeding the cats.

Parton has been feeding stray cats in his area for over ten years. However his local government would rather have the cats starve, so they have given him numerous fines for breaking a city ordinance against feeding stray animals.old-man-arrested-for-feeding-cats Parton has refused to pay the fines because he understandably believes that they are ridiculous and unjust.

God told me to keep feeding them and leave the consequences to Him,

When asked if he would pay the fines if he had the money, Parton said, “Oh, no, if I had a million dollars I wouldn’t have paid it Hell, no. No! And I told them I’d sit it out in jail. I did, that’s why I went to jail, I wouldn’t pay the fine. That law is not right,” he said.

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  1. Good for this man,, it’s pathetic to let any animal starve.. How about we quit paying for all the police and members of congress then that way they can starve and go away!!!! We should raise money for this man to continue to help starving animals!!!

  2. This is totally ridiculous! Remind me to never go to Texas because I will NEVER let a cat go hungry. I feed the homeless cats in my neighborhood but just this past weekend came home to find someone had poured motor oil all over the place even in their water bowl and bedding of course the police would do nothing. Way to go and I hope you never stop feeding God’s little angels

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