2Legs I Have.My Name Is Able.As I walk.Let Me Show You[3pics]

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This is a first for me,I just landed on this page that had Able on it and I was amazed,totally,so much as too look up more about this little warrior Able,my friend with only 2 legs,but he is not the type of cat to just take that lying down! He lost his 2 front legs in an accident,but got lucky with a couple who took him in and love him,you will see how much by the amounts of pics and vids on their Instagram.

He is amazingly,clever with awesome balance worked out,for how he does what he does is flat out a miracle,I have never before seen a Cat like him..Yes I will show you where to see his videos of him walking,he walks very much like a penguin,its so super clever,I tried to put some videos in here but I couldn’t due to security on my side,but they are there,but they have them over at a link I can give you,your going to fall in Love immediatly some cool video and photos..But these few took me in….. first..introducing Able..

Able the 2 Legged Cat Can Walk and Jump Like a Champ - Love Meow.clipular
Are you in Cat Love Heaven..well wait till you get a video..your going to thank me if you have not met Able before.:)


He is amazing hey?even just to look at he is a stunning cat,very much like mine to look at,just with 2 more legs my spoiled Clover,but yes,really the same

Please click next for more pictures and story

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  1. He is one amazing Loved Cat trooper with Able,I totally feel in love and I chose 3 pics,It was hard to choose LOL,but his story is amazing and this link takes everyone to see them all<3

  2. it is not good spelling that sends the love Lynn Lavy,its our hearts blessings,I have a illness that is affecting mine terribly so I have to fix my posts up everytime,takes me longer but im sure noone he cares about that,thanks for being here

  3. Thank u loved cats,I also have illness that effects my learning,got beatings in my school yrs,When I was 20 some yrs old was told I have NF 1,I think thats why I love my animals so much they dont hurt me.people do.I saved a baby squireal yrs ago bottle raised him,read up on them,He live a full 5 yrs,When I took him to the vet for peaing blood .The vet told me he had never treated 1 befor,He gave me meds and pulled threw.2 months later it happened again the vet wanted me to bring him,in to see him again,they all got a kick out of him.gave me meds and got well. Thank u for listening to me,God bless u

  4. Hi Lynn Lavy,sorry to hear how cruel kids and adults can be about our illnesses they know nothing about!I understand it.your a squirrel saver!! Animals give us so much love and pleasure,I couldn’t imagine my life without my cats.If you press follow and like,you will get my posts in your page newseed,thanks for sharing

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