2 Videos Cats Catching Fish From The Waterside|Amazing Too See!

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2 Videos Of Cats Catching Fish From The Waterside.Amazing!

As most cats will have a nibble on our  fish with ours in a can,but I didn’t know just how much cats do eat fish they catch at the waterside.. in ways not well known.

Less common is the knowing that cats are actually fairly competent anglers Yep!,I didn’t realize quite how much they’re committed to it. There’s even a species of cat,that is in a Cats Life as food! Prionailurus viverrinus, that subsist mainly on fish they catch.

One of the common way of feline fishing is gently tapping the water’s surface with the paw. These clever cats fools the fish into thinking there’s a tasty bug waiting for them, which is when the cat strikes, amazing too see these are!

Also named as a Riverclan cat!

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