12 photos Of Cats That Need You The Moment You Start Reading!

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I’m Here To Help You.I Love You,Don’t Ignore Me Ok

[12pics]So we do what we know may happen when we sit down for relaxing and enjoying a new book, to study or work,up pops the Loved Cat to sit or be there to”needing You” “help” you! If you have one then you know the drill…these cats here will keep trying to get attention!….

It is almost a given,they must be noticed,much more than noticed really.Can you relate to this,do you own one of these special cats of the most helpful kind?

Lets see what we have here in that category of demanding”helping” Cats sweeeeeeet

Here we have the #1..You no study,you play with me instead..

#2..I’ll just rest here ok?

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Loved Cats

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