10 Ways Our Cats Are So Similar To Big Cats Still cats & A Surprise Video Too!

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10 Ways Our Cats Are So Similar To Big Cats Still cats & A Surprise

This video does show how they still have it down,even though they are our fluffballs,they still got the nature of a Cat period!

With finding experts studies on how our Cats learn to accept us,just the same goes for the Big Cats,its all about being socialized,and how it is done..some information about what experts say for you to read…The experts say once a cat is feral they can’t be socialized after becoming an adult. I’m not sure I agree but I know it’s very difficult. ..

The time around weaning is referred to as the “critical period of socialization”. It’s like imprinting. They learn what constitutes food, friends, and enemies. Once set its hard to unlearn that lesson in a cat. Being territorial is also instinct and believed to be about protecting resources. The size and range of a communal group is determined by the availability of recourses. Although in many ways our kitties treat us like fellow cats they recognize that we are a different species. Interestingly, even though cats are naturally social they may not be socialized to cats. If they were an only kitten and their mother taught them to fear other cats they may never be able to accept other cats as friends.

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